Highborne Cay

We had such a nice day in Allen’s Cay.  Then darkness happened and the wind shifted and it went to hell.  We felt so safe on our anchorage.  Andy dove the anchor and it was all set.   As we were exploring, sailboats and catamarans started filling up the anchorage.  We felt encouraged that we had picked a good spot.  We wondered if they were a bit close,  but we were all swinging in the same direction in the currant.  So we watched and felt safe.  We made dinner and we were happy.  Then the boat started rolling,  and then ROLLING.  Then the sun set.  It got really dark.  Then it got really uncomfortable as we rolled side to side rocking like crazy.  Needless to say I took a Xanax and snored for a few drug induced hours.  Andy watched us all night swing closer and closer to our neighbors.  It sucked.  Our neighbors became a nuisance instead of a comfort.  We were rock solid on our anchor as Andy was monitoring it on our new electronics.  We hadn’t moved at all!!  Sooooooo……… As soon as the sun came up we lifted our anchor and went to a spot we thought would be good outside Highborne Cay Marina.  It wasn’t!!  We spent the next hour rolling and then called the marina.  It sounded like, “Highborne Marina, we are just outside the entrance in the swell and wondered if we could come into the Marina and tie up?”   What it really sounded like in my head was, “ Highborne Marina, If you don’t have a slip for us tonight I might freak out!”  I hope you are laughing now because you all know I am a drama queen.  Honestly, when we tied up we were BOTH relieved and happy.  We were settled,  we checked in and we walked around a little, saw the beach and the famous nurse sharks that hang out at the end of the pier where the fisherman clean their daily catch.  Then lunch at the restaurant and a BIG nap!!  We cooked a yummy dinner and watched the sunset and turned on a movie.  This Bahama boating is full of upsets and then moments of splendor.

The next day… AMAZING!!!!  We got the dingy down and went exploring.  The winds are from the east, like they are supposed to be.  So the ancorages outside the marina is totally calm and full of sailboats.  Oh well, we are tied up and happy!!  We are not moving now!  I am starting to realize that a power boat ancored out is a rare sight among  the sailboats and catamarans.  I hope we start seeing more powerboats along the way.  Today we explored reefs and beaches.  Aquaman took his scooter out and checked out a few reefs.  They weren’t worthy of me getting wet.  I walked the beach instead.  We took the dingy out to a rock point and he jumped in while a followed him along in the dingy.  There was a big swell so we didn’t like the idea of anchoring it.  I was fine watching him swim with his fishy friends and follow him.  We cruised to Long Cay, the next island down from Highborne, and found a deserted beach.  I got a little float time.  We had the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bbq potato chips ever.  It was like when I was growing up going to Zuma beach with my mom on summer days.  This place is just amazing with clear water that changes in so many different shades of blue.  I haven’t been able to capture all the colors.  We are, however, getting good at reading what the colors mean in terms of depth, coral heads, sand bars, deep water and current.  There is a steep learning curve here.  Totally uncharted territory.

We are in the harbor all alone with the exception of a few crewed super yahats.  Ever watch the show Below Decks?  Well, it is just like that.  The crew is cooking, moving the toys around, taking them fishing or snorkeling, and all wearing uniforms.  It is truly a sight to be seen.  Here we sit on our boat and watching the rich and famous.  Later today a few boats pulled in and we now have neighbors.  I don’t know why this makes me happy,  but it does.  People to talk to. Another woman!! The men talk weather and anchorages and boats!  It’s just nice to have conversation. I miss people.  Even though there are around now, I feel lonely and miss conversation.  We are going to the overpriced and only restaurant on this Island tonight.  They have a captive audience.  But I hear it is nice and I could use a break from cooking. Coincidently, he couple who just pulled in next to us, Andy had met in our marina in Nassau and they are going to join us for dinner! Yippee!!!

The sunsets are incredible every night!

The water is so blue you can see the bottom.  People have made wooden planks with their boat names and hung in this gazebo. I will have to figure out how to add Aquaman. The island has these little yellow finches. They fly into the boat and look for scraps. This morning one tried sharing my coffee.  He moved to fast to get a good picture.  They are super cute.  Xuma is the name of the restaurant we ate dinner and the view is breathtaking.

The end of the pier is home to these nurse sharks.  They just hang out there and sleep until the fisherman start filleting fish. They are huge and very well fed.  The occasional bull shark shows up but its mostly nurse sharks.

An adventure in the dingy with Aquaman means be prepared for anything.  Snorkel gear, wet suits, scooter, lunch, water,  hats, sunscreen.  This deserted beach was all ours and we enjoyed it!

There is a book that Andy and I read years ago about life on a island.  It’s written specifically about Highborn Cay and this woman’s experience running and developing it.  Cheap Charlies is the original Marina office.  It now just for storage and a huge ice maker  and this parret named Lou. Ice is civilization and sharing our ice with a sailboater will make an instant friend.  The book is called “Life on a Rock”  by  K.A. Albury.  She moved here in the late 90’s and her story is pretty interesting.  She now lives in Nassau. This place has now turned into a pretty upscale location for mega yachts.  It’s a good read about Highborn Cay in its early days.

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