Finally in the Exumas! Allen’s Cay

We left Palm Cay Marina in Nassau this morning after 10 days.  Winds, rain and rough water keep us stranded.  It was a really nice marina and we had a good time exploring Nassau.   I was really ready to move on today.  We had a nice crossing in shallow water.  This will take some getting used to.  For most of the way I could see the bottom and lots of sea life.  Rays, fish, a huge triggerfish and a huge tiger shark right as we got out of the marina channel.  That was cool.  A few hours in we had some rain.  It was ok because the water stayed flat. THANK GOD!!!  We had a destination in mind for our anchorage but Andy and I both said if no one was there we would change our mind. We spotted a bunch of sailboat masts in Allen’s Cay.  This was a place we had on the charts as a possible anchorage, so we headed there. We are between 2 small Islands and it was calm and wonderful today.  Andy snorkel the anchor and it looks good and set.  Then we took the dingy down and explored this area.  The beach on Allen’s Cay is loaded with Iguanas.  They were friendly because I am sure people feed them even though it is against the law.  We did not.  I just took  pictures!  They are ugly creatures!  I am excited to finally be in the Exumas.  It was the goal.  We will be hopscotching our way down this chain of islands, snorkeling and exploring.  I am not a huge fan of anchoring so I hope I get used to it.  There are at least 10 boats in this anchorage now.  Feels like

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