Full days in Nassau


We are still in Nassau.  The winds have been blowing and seas have been unkind.  We are in a beautiful marina and we are super happy here.  Although we are eager to get to the Exumas, we are not leaving until this weather passes and we have a good crossing.  Especially after the last 2, we are NOT risking it.  It appears January is a windy month and maybe we are here a bit too early.  Oh well.  At least we found this incredible place to hang out.  The dock is safe and we are watching the weather.  We made friends, of course, with other fellow boaters, who are all moving in different directions.  Our dock mates, Peyton and Jackie, were awesome and we enjoyed lots of meals, martinis and stories.  They are on their way back home to St. Petersburg, Florida.  They were a wealth of info about where they had been and where to go.  Peyton is a seasoned boater who has been to the Bahamas a dozen times.  Andy and I took his advice seriously.   He has been a captain of many boats, he informed me of the importance to keep my emotions under control.  When things are going wrong, I need to remain calm and let MY captain do his job, so he doesn’t worry about me. I can freak out after but not during the situation. The captain has get us through, and does not need any more stress from the crew. Remember my last blog that said people come in and out of our lives at various times and teaches us lessons?  How everyone touches me in different ways?  Well Peyton taught me a leasson and I listened.  I hope the next time I am freaked out I will hear him in my head and keep it together.  Let my captain do his job and keep us safe.

We have had several days of activities. We took a foodie tour with our new friends.  We walked downtown Nassau and we tasted our way through the town.  It was a great day.  We ate Conch, drank rum punch, ate homemade chocolates and toured the Graycliff pirate mansion.  It’s a hotel now and 5 star restaurant.  We saw the oldest homes and had a great young man tell us all about Nassau and the Bahamas.  It was a great afternoon.


Andy left for a bike ride yesterday, and 3 hours later he returned exhausted.  His Indian name still applies, Andy, man who goes to far.  I stayed on the boat and read a book.  What a concept. It’s a whole new reality for me.  Honestly, after Andy left I enjoyed the quiet.  At least for the first hour.  By the 2nd hour I got nervous.  He called me and told me he was fine but into the 3rd hour, pure panic.  When he showed up after the 3rd hour I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  He rode WAY to far.  He had stopped and had lunch at a little local food stand, went over the bridge to Paradise Island and walked Atlantis.  He rode these roads with no shoulder and the people here drive like maniacs and they swerve and dart around pot holes.  He was exhausted when he returned and needless to say, I was happy to see him but a bit pissed.  Life with this man just might kill me.

Today we rented a car from the marina.  We drove the whole island.  Andy took me to Atlantis where he had rode yesterday.  We walked the allowed portions of the property and got a feel for the place.  It is vast and reminded me of Vegas.  I can see the appeal to some, but it is totally not my scene.  We walked the marina and saw the mega yachts and found MargaritaVille.  I had a cheeseburger and I felt so happy for something familiar.  It was yummy.  After we walked our legs off, we drove to the West end of the Island and went to Cliffton Heritage park. This is home to the largest underwater sculpture. Andy finally got a long snorkel in. The water is a bit to cold and choppy so I didn’t want to go in.  Not for AQUAMAN however.  He swam way out to the reef, while the lifeguard on the beach and I kept an eye on him.  He took the GoPro and brought back great videos.  I was happy to see him swim and enjoy this place. We had been told that this was a hot spot and something to see.  The weather hadn’t allowed us to go until today.

We are leaving Nassau on Tuesday.  The weather finally breaks and it will be a nice passage to our next spot in the Exumas. We are headed to Highborn Cay and then make our way down to Georgetown.  I will admit I am nervous, but also anxious to move on.      I hope we see the blue, clear water and calm anchorage’s we have dreamed of.  NOT this windy, rainy weather we have had.  So say a little prayer to the weather gods for me.  I am missing my family and friends.  Please stay in touch with me.  Making friends along the way has helped me not feel too lonely.  Thanks to Jackie and Peyton for their friendship.  I know we will see them again as we pass thru St. Petersburg Florida.

We woke up to rain and clouds today.  Maybe I will stay in my jammies and read all day!

Love to all. I miss you!

One thought on “Full days in Nassau

  1. You are cute! Being scared is no joke. I learned very early that being afraid is ok, but then you gotta suck it up and be helpful instead of a hindrance. You will grow so much and become very courageous if you face your fear and embrace it. Jim always told me, “I understand you are afraid, but get over it. I need you now! “
    Big girl panties are a necessity!
    Have fun Cindy! You are living the dream!


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