We are at Palm Cay Marina and Resort in Nassau.  This is away from the craziness of Paradice Island.  I am really glad we choose to come down here.  This place will be home for a while because the weather is not good for our next crossing to the Exumas.  Once we get a clear weather window, we will provision the boat and head to our next destination. We are in heaven here.  This place is just beautiful and totally quiet. Boaters come in and out of the harbor and it’s fun to see all the different style of boats here.  Mostly catamarans and there is a large charter fleet.  Sitting in the bar and restaurant is fun because we hear a lot of different launguages spoken and people are so fun to watch. The beach is perfect and quiet.

We had our first real rain storm last night and it was awesome. The clouds blocked the moon and I was disappointed not able to see it in all its red glory.  I saw everyone’s facebook posts, so thank you for posting them!  Life is really interesting for me. I am learning to slow down. I’m not good at moving slow. I am learning that my life will not be the same for a long while.  As I think about everywhere we have been in this last 3 months, I cannot believe how long the list is. I think about our itinerary for the next year. I have a hard time picturing so all the places will visit. It seems undoable, yet if I think about being in Nassau, I never thought THIS was possible. Here I sit in awe and disbelief.  It’s crazy.

The boating community is very interesting.  We traveled around in a motor home for years. We took the kids on lots of road trips across the Western States and Canada.  Campgrounds and Marinas have a similar vibe. People are friendly. You share a lust for travel and most everyone wants to know where you came from and where your going. Stories get told, lives get revealed.  It’s a common thread I have witnessed and I am acutely aware of.  Human beings all want social interaction and love telling stories.  I love hearing everyone’s story.  The other night we were enjoying the sunset from the top deck.  A couple on the boat next to us walked toward their boat but stopped to chat.  I invited them up (of course I did!).  Another younger couple on our dock saw us chatting and they walked down, 1/4 bottle of wine in her hand and already totally smashed. She was hilarious though! 🍷🍷  They came up and we proceeded to talk, laugh, share our stories.  It was fun and they didn’t leave til 10PM!!!!  Way past a boaters midnight of 9PM!!!!  I baked fresh cookies (dough from the freezer) and my boat began to feel like “The Gathering Boat.”  My houses have always been gathering place.  Is the feeling on my boat the same?  Or is that we are just warm welcoming people who attract other people?  I would like to think so.  Everywhere we go, meeting other people feels like a cosmic soulful experience.  Everyone leaves a little piece of themselves in my brain.  They become one with my soul.  They teach me something about myself.  Mostly that we are all having this human experience together colliding together in that moment. I learn to be grateful, empathetic, educated about something they can share, sympathic (A lady was having trouble being away from home and she really needed a girl to talk to! Lol. I got that one!), but mostly happy for each experience.   I have exchanged info with some and others are just a wave, a piece of them in my heart.  Everyone is on their path.  I am just so happy to meet new people. It feels very refreshing.


My husband hasn’t stopped smiling since we left. He has been very loving.  I feel happy he is finally taking care of himself, his passions, and dreams.  I’m just the lucky girl who gets to stand beside him and enjoy this ride. What a life he created for me.  It is surreal.


One thought on “Nassau

  1. Blaze the way for us all. Hopefully we will share more great times, water, beaches, laughter and of course great wine in the near future.


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