Day 2 and 3 in Highborne Cay


Day 2: We started a little slower.  It’s really nice not to have a schedule.  In the afternoon we rented a golf cart and cruised the Island.  We went to every single beach. The west side beaches were totally rough.  It’s incredable the difference in the ocean from one side to the other.  The winds typically come from the west causing big waves. The marina, where we are tucked in safe and sound, is on the east side.

We cruised every road we could find, dirt or paved.  We saw every inch!  Not much going on here.  The beaches are pretty empty.  You can see boats ancored out and sometimes a small group will pull up in a dingy.  As I said before,  I am missing people and conversation.  This is probably the hardest thing for me.  I am a social butterfly.  People are coming and going and some are with their own groups.  So anyway, blah blah blah! 😂 no one wants to hear me whine!  I am doing ok!

Below are just some picture of more white sand beaches, some cool views, some funny stops, my cute husband, and the coolest seashell ever!  I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a creature living inside it. Yay!  There are not a lot of seashells to be found, so this was a score.  Andy spotted it.  I’ve trained him well!


Day 3: We were supposed to leave. We woke to pouring rain and wind.  NOT going to happen.  I layed around all day and read a book, watched a little TV.  Then we spotted a fisherman with a catch.  So we walked to the pier to watch him clean the fish and feed the sharks.  That was cool and the most exciting thing today.  Tomorrow we head to Shroud Cay as planned, just delayed a day.






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