Chillin in the Chesapeake: Part 3

Annapolis at The Yacht Basin

May 25-29

We reluctantly left St. Michaels.  I just loved it there and I felt sad to leave.  Gotta go!!!!

This was Memorial Day weekend and when we left we were greated in the bay by hundreds of sailboats doing a regatta.  The sailmasts were dotted as far as the eye could see.  We had to alter our route as some approached because they have the right of way undersail.  The scene was beautiful with puffy clouds and colorful sails for miles.  We arrived in Annapolis just a few hours later and having a much better ride then then previous time.


The Annapolis Harbor was buzzing with activity.  We had the most traffic we have seen this whole trip.  It was crazy.  We would have preferred not to be traveling during this holiday weekend but we just didn’t think ahead.  It was fine and it worked out.  We were glad when we got settled in and tied up.

Giant tankers anchored out of the harbor ready to be loaded up.
Boats all over,  sailboats,  Vintage Schooners on tourist cruises,  power boats,  windsurfers!           It was crazy!


These go fast boats were louder then the navy jets flying overhead.
Hundreds of windsurfers were dodging all the boats coming into the harbor, including us!!

This is me fueling us up.  Andy always does this but I decided to “Woman up” and help.  He drives all day while I relax and nap.  It wasn’t all that bad, except the smell👃🏻

My turn,  pitching in!

Fellow loopers were in the marina and before I knew it we were invited to docktails.  This is really one of the joys of flying that burgee.  It’s seems an open invitation to greet each other.  I have approached looper boats flying flags as well.  This time we were approached and invited.  I so enjoy meeting new people.

What does one do while in Annapolis?   Well, tour the Naval Academy of course.  We did and we had a great guide.  It was 30 years ago my adopted brothers graduated.  I remember the graduation and the festivities and I am so proud of them,  now career Navy pilots.   Rick and Russ McCormick are my true hero’s. The campus is amazing. We even saw a Bride and Groom coming out of the Chapel.  Saturdays are “wedding days”  and it is said you have to apply a year ahead of time and you have to have graduated from the Academy. Graduation was 3 days before we arrived so the wedding were happening fast and furious.  The tomb of John Paul Jones.


We walked all over and saw the old building and brick streets,  now turned into shopping and tourism,  and amazing restaurants!!  The Iron Rooster had the worlds best Chicken and Waffles I have ever had!!

The harbor was alive with activity.  Boats coming and going,  people partying on their boats blasting music.  It felt like a real holiday weekend.  We walked the town,  sipped drinks at old taverns,  looked at the old buildings, and shopped.  I found a little bag made of old sails with a mermaid.  Perfect!  These sail bags are everywhere and very popular.  It’s hard not to buy them all.

If these wall could talk!! We stopped for a drink here and those walls were full of stories.

Andy never misses a chance to kayak.  I almost bought this pillow because the crab pots are no joke!!!

While here we connected with a fellow looper on Chasing 80.  We enjoyed docktails with Jody and Wayne and discovered we would be leaving the same day.  We buddied up for our route the next day.  Andy and I had originally planned to stop in Baltimore for a few days but frankly,  I didn’t want to and felt stressed about the big city vibe.  The idea of all the commotion, traffic and noise gave me some anxiety.  Wayne convinced us to skip it and go straight to Chesapeake city with them.  Agreed and a change of plans was made.  We have learned on this trip that flexibility is a must!  Besides the fact that the next leg, after Chesapeake city is the Delaware bay.  This body of water can be nasty.   I was nervous about this leg of the trip.  Lots of loopers post pictures of rough seas and horror stories.  I was feeling nervous and just wanted to get it done and get out of The Chesapeake.  We looked at the weather forecast and we had a golden few days of calm waters so we skipped Baltimore and followed our new buddy boat.  It’s nice when you can hook up with someone but it’s not always the case.  People travel at their own pace and timing.  It seemed to work out with our new friends.  We left early as the sun came up and the sun rise was just beautiful.  The marina looked nothing like it did the day we got here!  Empty.

Today we are making the jaunt to Cape May.  We will stop over night in Chesapeake City and then get up early for the second section thru C&D Canal and the Delaware Bay.   I will be so happy when we pull in and tie up.  It will mark a big hurdle.  It will be another 2 state line crossings Delaware and New Jersey.   It will mean we have traveled from Fort Lauderdale all the way up to New Jersey.   It will mean we are only days from New York and then we start the journey up the Hudson to the interior of the country and away from the ocean.  It seems so weird to think we will be inside the USA on our boat!!  Crazy.

Cape May at Utsch’s Marina

May 30-31

I was worried about crossing the Delaware Bay from what I had been reading.  This can be NASTY.  Andy keeps telling me to relax because we won’t go on bad days.  Someone posted that they thought the weather was fine and they got caught in nasty seas.  It was a long run today so I woke up nervous.  We followed our buddy boat, Chasing 80 and it was a gorgeous morning.  Then we got to the inlet to the bay.  Flat glass.  I relaxed and laid in my spot.  I anticipated as we got closer the ocean and the huge mouth of the bay, it would pick up.  It didn’t.  It was flat glass. Andy decided to do a a few minutes at WOT. Wide Open Throttle.  Blow the diesels out a bit.  With a 2+ knot current heading out of the bay we hit 22.5 Knots.  We were flying.  We got to the marina and I couldn’t believe what a perfect day it was to make that crossing.  That night we had drinks and dinner with a new set of loopers and made new friends.

Flat glass ocean.  Thank you Jesus!
Beautiful lighthouse in the middle of the bay.


Andy and I decided to get a car and do a bunch of errands and see Cape May.  We toured the lighthouse and a local beach called Sunset Point. The Southernmost tip of New Jersey. This beach was covered in quartz crystals and moonstones.  I collected a huge pile and when I couldn’t carry anymore I reluctantly agreed to leave.  What a great spot.  I was in Heaven.  I am an earth girl and I love stones, shells, rock.  I wish I could have gotten more but I left them for others to collect.  I have never seen a beach covered in raw quartz.  It was spectacular.  The ocean tumbled them perfectly round and deposited them right on that beach.  My next thing is to get a rock tumbler and shine them up.  For now they are perfect just as they are in their raw state.


I love these bird houses everywhere.
When I saw this in the visitor center I asked how far this beach was.  She told me it was just down the road.  So off we went.
Notice the mermaid sail bag?  AKA: rock bag!
Can you see all the quartz here?  Unbelievable and I was in heaven!
I found several perfectly round polished moonstones.


These houses lined the beach and were mansions of their day.  Most are Bed and Breakfast now.  I can just imagine the lives of those who summered here.  The elite and rich or famous.  They were amazing!



Just 2 more days to NY.  Stay tuned!!!

One thought on “Chillin in the Chesapeake: Part 3

  1. You guys are too cool you’re living the dream that most people just talk about and never do I’m green with envy but I can’t think of two better people to be envious over I love all the pictures and the way you explain things makes me feel like I’m there love you both and pray your next days going to be better than the last Although it sounds like heaven already enjoy


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