Chillin in the Chesapeake: Part 2

Sadly, the time came to leave Solomon’s Island.  I untied the lines and we departed.   I loved it there!   The marina was my favorite so far!!   If we want to get this loop done in a year we had to move on.



Cambridge MD

May 22nd

We pulled into the marina and we were all alone.  There were boats around but no one in the area we went.  It was basically a park.  The back of the boat was along a wall and people walked by and a few stopped to stare at the “large boat” amongst only small boats and mostly sailboats.  I watched from inside our tinted windows as people stopped and looked at us.  I felt like a fish out of water here.  Plus, we had just left the most awesome spot. Oh well……..

Just us!

There is no better way to see a town then on a bike.  We got ours down and cruised to find some lunch.  This was another town brick streets and very old historic homes.   The Chesapeake is rich in history,  slavery and boating.  I love riding down these streets and imagine the many lives that have occupied these homes.  I also love the archecture and charm.  The homes are all different,  unlike the cookie cutter homes I’m used to in California.  I can imagine restoring one.  These little towns are sleepy though and I’m not sure I could handle that!


We planned on a few days here but we pretty much saw all there was in an afternoon.  I called St. Michaels to see if we could come a day early and they could accommodate  us.  The catch was the weather, the wind and swell were going to be bad.  We had to make the decision  stay put or suck it up.  When people say the Chesapeake is no joke,  they are not lying.  We had a REALLY rough section of this trip.  BIG waves that crashed over the top of the boat.  Andy drove from inside and I stayed quiet as my heart beat out of my chest.  We didn’t have far to go and as soon as we could make the turn to go up the river towards St. Michaels it would be behind us and much more comfortable.  We were concentrated on the route and hitting the waves at the right angle and out of nowhere,  and NOT on our charts these poles appeared,  as well as a ton of crab pots.   WHAT THE HELL!!!

We learned later after looking these up that they are fish traps.  On a flat day you can see them.   In a rough sea these come out of no where.
So happy to have the comfort of the pilot house on days like these.

St. Michaels, MD

May 23-25th


We pulled in relieved and happy to see the marina.  It was a resort.  Back in style!  Happy dance!!!  We washed the salt off the boat and took the bikes to get lunch.  Riding again to explore and see what this town looked like.  It was more of a weekend retreat town with people coming from Annapolis.  The town had rows of small bungalow style homes,  again all my style.  Charming.  We found an outdoor bar/grill and we DRANK!!!  So thankful to be here and safe. We recuperated and relaxed.


St. Micheals is on my list!  I absolutely LOVED this town.  We will be revisiting this one.  I could imagine a little old home restored and a little boutique on the main street visiting with people.  It had a cool vibe.  I can picture Andy sailing the river in a little day sailboat.  We took a ride on an original wood boat called the Selina II.  She was captained by the granddaughter of the original owner who built her 93 years ago.  She was a very enthusiastic captain of this beautiful restored wood boat that she had inherited.

This town has the biggest Maritime museum of The Chesapeake.  It had a real time working boathouse for making wood boats today.  It had another screwpile lighthouse and a large display of wood boats dating back to the 1800’s.  We spent hours walking the property.

Another reason I loved this town was this great shop in the towns old mill, full of vintage old pieces of architecture and pieces from old homes.  I wanted everything.  Next door was a nautical themed version and had the coolest style of furniture.  Furniture and vintage old chippy wood is my passion.  I could just sit in this store all day.  The history of the old doors and columns and just old junk feeds my soul.  I don’t know how to explain the feeling I get when I am around such old stuff but I love the energy of it all.  The mix of these old pieces with the nautical modern is just perfect!!!  I appreciate repurposing these great things.

Later that day, we were sitting on the boat when we saw this big black cloud headed our way.  It dumped rain like a bucket splashing the boat in an aggressive manor.  As fast as it came,  it went by,  then normal rain happened for a while before the clouds parted and we were graced by a huge sunset.  The expression “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”  is so true in this part of the world.  Crazy!!

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  1. Loving it all. Press on! Love, Rusty

    On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 4:11 AM Adventures Of Aquaman wrote:

    > aquaman327 posted: “Sadly, the time came to leave Solomon’s Island. I > untied the lines and we departed. I loved it there! The marina was my > favorite so far!! If we want to get this loop done in a year we had to > move on. Cambridge MD May 22nd We pull” >


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