Day 3: West Palm Beach to Stuart

April 5th, 2019

Headed to Stuart Fl.

30 miles and 10 bridges

Today was our second day navigating the Inter Coastal Waterways.  We spent yesterday touring around West Palm Beach.  Some days we will pass thru quickly and some places we want to explore.  We are also trying not to rush thru this next year.  Everyone says  “slow down and enjoy.”   So we are trying.

We are so new to navigating the ICW,  but are getting used to reading the markers,  finding the bridge names and figuring out the height.  I am learning to trust Andys navigation skills.  (I am driving him nuts with constant questioning.  I told him today I really need him to give me a lesson so I can shut up!! The other option is to stay ignorant.  I don’t really like that plan because if something happens, what would I do.  I’m not a good damsel in distress).  I’m on the binoculars looking at the marks along the side the bridge to see what the water board reads.  Then we decide if its passable or if we wait.  It’s a whole process.  We have determined a safe height of 19’.  Actually our height is 17’ 6” and with the antennas tipped back we can safely clear 19’.   It’s still scary as heck.  We are learning our limits.

Today,  after getting thru Palm Beach and the ports, the inter coastal waterway felt very much like cruising up the Oxnard channel.  Houses on both sides with boats docked.  The difference was the houses were way nicer and it went on for many many miles.  We eventually got to a portion that was all mangroves and nature preserve.  We watched Osprey eagles catch fish and there were lots of nests and we even spotted some babies being fed by mama bird.  It was gorgeous and peaceful.  I was warned it gets prettier, and it did!!  We traveled about 30 miles today and arrived at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart about 12:30.  Just in time for lunch!  This marina was raved about.  It is in the town of Stuart and we really wanted to explore this town.  It is supposed to be one of the best towns in America.  We will go check it out tomorrow. We rented a car because I really need a tall chair that folds up, someplace for me to sit next to Andy,  to help him spot markers and be another set of eyes.  We found a place that has them.  We don’t have time to order one and wait for the delivery.

So we are all tied up and comfy when the sky got black and it started raining.  Not raining,  more like raining buckets of the hugest drops ever.  Then the lightening and thunder started.  The boat shook and vibrated with each crash.  I was freaking out a bit thinking that the worst place to be is on the water.  Andy said to me that all the sailboat masts were in bigger trouble then us.  I sat in the pilot house and watching under a blanket.  It went on for over an hour.  It was quite spectacular.  I guess these East Coast storms are no joke.  Being from California, I have no clue!!!!   It stopped and we are drying out everything.  Everything got soaked!!

I am seeing boats with Looper flags pass us.  I am yet to meet ay of them.  Tomorrow I am hoping to walk the dock and find some Loopers.  I am hoping that we start finding them.

Who has the right of way, the ship crossing the ICW, or us??


Boats getting offloaded
Replicas of the Nina’ and Pinta’,  2 of the ships that Columbas sailed in 1492


Inlet lighthouse at Jupiter


ICW boats following us
Beautiful mangroves on both sides


Can we make it?
Osprey nests with babies





We were traveling along when we spotted Adrenaline1 a sailing catamaran.  We follow Billy, Sierra their adorable dog Jetty on Youtube.  Their channel is called Tula’s Endless Summer.  They are young, fearless adventurers who travel up and down the East Coast and Bahamas.  They’ve make me wish I had started earlier.  Who knew.  As we were passing them,  Andy spotted them anchored.  He slowed down and I saw Sierra on the back.  I yelled “Hey Sierra!”  We subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Not expecting her to hear.  She yelled back “HI! And thanks”  and then Jetty popped out and gave me a quick bark.  OMG! I wanted to swim over to pet that dog.  She’s the cutest thing ever.  I subscribe to them and they sell T-Shirts and products. Go check them out!!



One thought on “Day 3: West Palm Beach to Stuart

  1. I love all the pictures it’s just like we are there with you (not) but almost at least I get to see some places I will probably never get to experience. So happy for the two of you, and for including us in your life it is much better traveling with you on your journey through your pictures then looking at books or brochures. I hope every day for you is better then the last one 🏄‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚴‍♀️ Enjoy everyday and most of all each other.


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