Day 2…. Touring West Palm Beach

April 3rd-5th, 2019

Stayed at Palm Harbor Marina for 2 nights

We got to West Palm Beach about 2 PM.  We were greeted at the dock and tied up in a few minutes.  Andy and I have decided that we love these services.  Do we need them?  NO!! Is it nice?  Yes!!!!  Palm Harbor Marina is a nice place with floating docks.  Just like I am used to at home.  I looked for Loopers but didn’t find any here.  We walked to town to celebrate a successful day and the house closing escrow.  We found a great place that had southern comfort foods, PERFECT!!!  We shared friend chicken and waffles, a few wines and whiskeys and walked back to the boat stuffed.  Great day!!

Today we got our bikes out and rode the town.  We toured the famous Flagler house turned into a museum.  He developed all of Florida and a hotel chain.  He built a railway system to help  develope Florida.  The railway helped bring  agriculture to the state and bring clients to his hotels.    He was the co-founder of Standard Oil.  The Mansion was incredibly preserved.  It was an example of the guided age.  Incredible!!

We then rode our bikes over to Breaskers hotel, which he also owned.  We walked the historic property.  The rooms are at least 1000K a night!!  We had lunch at a local place in a small mall that was all designer.  We walked into the place and I immediately felt like we stepped into the twilight zone.  The women dripped in diamonds and Prada,  and had that look like stepping out of a salon.  The guys wore designer  suits and were on their lunch hour eating gourmet hot dogs.  This place was our kind of food, but not our people.  Me, messy hair from wearing a bike helmet, and Andy in shorts and a t-shirt.  He had yelped it and it definitely delivered.  I brought a cute hat but it just wasn’t the place to water a hat.  I went into the bathroom and tried to wet it down and smooth it.  Helpless.  Ok, who cares really.  I got over it and had the absolutely best burger of my life.  Andy had a vegetarian sandwich that heraved about.  The fries were crisp and thin.  We loved it.  Who cares if they judged me for wild wacky hair.  I wont see them again!!

We got back to the boat and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.  I always feel, when I am in a new town, that I need to keep going.  Today, after a very long bike ride and touring the museum,  it was nice to come back and just relax.  I am sure as we travel, every place will have something different to offer.  Some days will be active and others will be chill.

Tomorrow we head to Stuart Florida

Flagler Manson and summer house
The courtyard. Built for airflow and cooling
Grand Palor
Dining room
The Lady’s drawing room
The Master bathroom
The Master bedroom
The ladies closet and dressing room
Flagler’s  own private railway car
Sleeping berths
The Beackers Hotel


Palm Harbor Marina. Can’t see our boat, we are way up front.

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