Home Sweet Home

We made it home. I was so happy to see everyone. The next day my kids and parents thru us a surprise party. (It was supposed to be a surprise but I found out about it because I am so nosy!). It was so appreciated and awesome!

The people who meant the most to me came to celebrate with us and I felt so blessed.

It was a perfect day. Thank you Jon and Jamie for opening up your house. Thanks to my mom and dad who helped plan. Thanks to Bernie and Tammy who drove all the way from Fresno to come. Thanks to Jerry and Debbie who drove from Oxnard and Abby and Nannette who had to Uber all the way from the beach. My daughter went above and beyond. My good friends came and I felt loved. This was the first birthday we had spent at home in years. It was special.

My week at home flew by so fast and we didn’t get time to see as many people as we wanted. It’s never long enough.

While home I did something crazy and got a tattoo. My son drew it for me and Alyssa to get matching tattoos. It HURT!! I sucked it up and did it! It’s beautiful and special.

I am still in shore I actually did this. Midlife crisis?? Who knows but now I own it.

My son, my life and blood. Notice the sun rays in the design.

There is no place like home. Even though this isn’t really my home anymore, It is still the place that I will always consider home. It’s a comfort and it’s where my peeps live. I miss everyone really bad but I have learned thru this travel that it’s so much better to visit and enjoy each other rather then having day to day interactions. The visits are fun and we have lots to say and catch up on.

What I miss most of home is actually our dock life. Our boat was on F-Dock for 11 years. We made great friendships and we miss the heck out of these crazy, wacko, sweet, honest people. We spent 5 days in Oxnard with Abby and we saw lots of friends. We went to the Yacht club and we were invited to eat fresh caught Swordfish.

Debbie and Jerry

Lowell, Mandy and Lisa Easley

This is the view to our former dock from the yacht club

The next day was Labor Day weekend and Lowel decided to take his boat out to the harbor mouth and get the jet skis out. So many people showed up. Some people pulled their flamingo thru the harbor. Lowell blew up the swan. Debbie and Jerry showed up in the electric boat. It was a real party. Totally fun!

These guys!! Andy, Jerry and Lowell.

We spent time with my parents and I got lots of puppy cuddle time.

These kids are my life. Alyssa, Jake and Nicole.

It was hard to say goodbye to these people. The time came to pack our bags and get back to our trip. I was refreshed and ready but sad. This is the hardest part.

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