Hudson River Party Zone Ahead🍸🍻🍷

Bye Bye NY!

We left NY and started up the Hudson.   Mr. CRAZY was excited to be taking a ride.  We diverted to the Statue for photos,  then he got on his facebook and started a live feed.  So many people logged on to see this and he talked to people thru facebook.  It was hilarious, and totally annoying! LOL

Leaving the Marina with an excited crazy man.
This went on forever!
Andy had someone else to talk to! This was great!


Half Moon Bay June 7th

This is the first stop up the Hudson and a common spot for Loopers to stop.  There was a bunch of us in the Marina.  The area is called Croton on Hudson and it is a place New Yorkers have weekend homes.  The train runs right by and is a quick run into the city. There were a bunch of loopers here.  I opened the boat for docktails and I think we topped out at 16 people aboard.  It’s a very social life in these Marinas as we travel.  We are getting to know people and starting to see the same boats and faces.  It’s really fun.

Bernie AKA Mr. Crazy,  Jamie and his sweet daughter,  Greg from Golden Daze,  Bruce and Brenda of B-Side,  Trish and Jamie of About Time.


June 8th

Kingston at Roundout Yacht Basin

This little port town was adorable.  The actually town of Kingston was a few miles away.  We took the dingy down and cruised up the river and then over to the town square.  There were a bunch of restaurants.  We choose an Italian place called Savinos and it was the BEST!!!  I still have garlic mouth from the breadsticks.  Mr. Crazy Bernie bought us dinner and he really picked a good one!  I wish we had more time here to explore but tomorrow we want to be in Shady Harbor for the Looper Pig Roast!!  Can’t wait.  People do the loop again and this is why.  You just cant see all these little towns.

June 9th-12th

Shady Harbor Pig Roast and Looper gathering. 

We came here because we thought it would be fun to see a large gathering of loopers.  Shady Harbor Marina is an AGLCA sponsored Marina and they host a pig roast for loopers.  This just happened to be the weekend!  This is a big draw for loopers.  The chef cooked a pig and everyone brought side dishes.  There was a lot of great food.  They had live music and it was a fun night.


Here are a few pictures of some great people who we have met.

Nancy & Rob of Misty,  Namaste,  Ted & Robin of Curti-Sea,  Greg & Nancy of TxAu,  Greg & Susan of Lucky Me, And the Chef and owner Donavan of Shady Harbor.

We had a lovely time here at Shady Harbor.  We ended up spending 3 nights.  We dropped Bernie in Albany and he rented a car to drive back to the city.  We had a night of rain and wind.  I just love hearing the sound of the rain on the boat.  We decided to stay put while about half the loopers took off up the river to Waterford.  This is the start of the locks and the Erie Canal.  We have the fenders ready,  the lines ready and I have read the books and seen the YouTube videos.  I can’t be anymore ready.  It’s time to get over the fear and go for it.  I am sure we are going to enjoy the first few locks,  then everyone says they get annoying after awhile.  It’s part of this looping adventure and unavoidable.  The time has come!

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