Jekyll and Hide

Here was go again.

It’s a 2 chart operation.  I watch Aqua Maps and Andy watches his Garmin course.  Sometimes they don’t agree.  Mostly we follow Aqua Maps and it’s been good!  Look at all these cautions!! We hit 4 ft of water at one point.  😬

Jekyll Island Georgia

April 17-20th

Today we crossed into Georgia from Florida.  Unlike driving across the state lines, we didn’t have a sign to take a picture of saying   “Welcome to Georgia!”   Oh well.  The maps didn’t even have a real designated line.  As we passed over that line I knew it but couldn’t get a picture.   We knew we had just crossed the state line and we were excited.  New territory,  bigger and more bugs (as I keep hearing about and not thrilled about).  We arrived to our marina and tied up with relief.   This was another navigation day that we had to be on our toes.   Lots of shoaling (shallow water) and lots of turns and markers to find and follow.  I am another set of eyes.  I am sure most of my family think I’m sitting back drinking coffee as we travel.   It couldn’t be further from the truth.   I am like a jack-in-the-box.   Up and down,  running for things,  on the binoculars,  looking at navigation,  looking for the bouys,   getting the captain water,  food,  snacks,  anything he needs.   When we left Amelia Island,  another looper boat was also leaving.   We followed them out the narrow channel of this marina and we stayed behind them all the way.   It was an unintentional buddy up.   They continued on to St. Simon and we stopped  at Jekyll.   First thing we did after checking in was go the marina restaurant for lunch with a view and a bottle!!!

We had a great lunch here.  Crab cakes,  grits,  shrimp salad and hush puppies!

Once we were fed and settled in we got the bikes out and went exploring.  I absolutely LOVE a town with bike paths and lots of nature trails to explore.  We rode on the beach and found the historic district with all the restored Mansions and club house.  This is a picture of the Jekyll Island Club House turned into one of the Historic Hotels of America.   I loved this ride and I didn’t whine at all!!!  It’s a miracle I know!!


Look mom, no hands!  Another flat beach to ride.  So fun!!

Today we took the Marina curtesy golf cart and rode the whole island!!!  We pretty much made it back as the battery hit  “recharge.”   We always push it to the limit.  Kinda the way we live lately!!   We went to the famous driftwood beach.   Super cool spot.  We cruised the whole island,  found lunch and a fun little local market with really interesting products.  I had to stop myself from buying tons of unique sauces and jelly’s.


This little guy better be careful. I almost stepped on him.  He looked just like the sand.
Me and my truely!


This is looking at St. Simons Island from driftwood beach.
Andy’s driving another golf cart!
More old stuff!


Lovin’ all the Spanish moss hanging from all the trees.

Here is a taste of the drive.  It was so pretty and the weather couldn’t be better!!


As I am typing my blog sitting on the top deck of the boat in the shade, I saw a boat coming in.  It looked familiar but all boats start looking the same after while.  Except I knew this boat.  As it approached I waited to see the name.  Sure enough it was “Reflections.”   I met this couple in Norfolk last May.  I toured their boat (we were deciding to take our boat or get a new one) and I listened to them speak about the Chesapeake.  They are platinum looper but have done the loop over and over,  several times.  She was sweet and encouraged me to go for it.  Once they got tied up I walked down and introduced myself.  This boating thing has really been an interesting thing.  We meet people, say goodbye.  Then a few days later see them again and have a drink.  We are crossing paths with loopers.  We are behind some and ahead of some.  I have this yearning to buddy up.  I can see though, that everyone has their own pace.  I am not sure yet what ours is,  but I do know (Mr. Scheer)  I would like to slow it down a bit.  When we get to a new town I want to explore it.  An afternoon is not long enough.   There is definitely a balance here.  I think we will find our groove.  One thing I can say for sure is that no matter what marina we are in,  I am happy.   I just love the activity of marinas.  Boats coming in and out,  people walking by.   Looking at all the different types of boats and seeing people is just perfect.  I am a social butterfly.   I think I need to make a sign to hang that says  “stop and talk.”    I am loving this lifestyle,  being on the move and exploring,  or just hanging on the top deck in the sunshine drinking a bottle of wine.   It rocks!!!!   Plus my boat is more then comfortable.  We have plenty of room.  My bed is comfy and calling me every night.   When it rains the pitter patter on the roof is so soothing.   It doesn’t leak,  at least not yet!!   That is good.   My kitchen is well stocked and I haven’t had a problem cooking in my camp style small space.  We grill also.  I am still learning how to make smaller portions for 2.  I am still working on this because we don’t really have room for a lot of left overs.  We have our bikes and I am getting used to that.  I am getting stronger and starting to enjoy riding around towns.   I wondered if I could handle this life,  but I am WAY happier then I ever imagined.

Then this happened:

Today a storm was coming.  We saw it on the radar.  We knew it was going to be nasty.  We doubled our lines,  put things away,  put covers on,  and hunkered down.  OMG!!!!!   We saw it coming.   The sky got black.   Then, WHAM, the winds hit.  The boat tossed and turned and slammed us into the dock,  the waves had to be 4 ft or more.  Our fenders protected us from the dock.   I looked up top and noticed our dingy cover was lifting off.  It’s a heavy custom made canvas cover and all I could think was “save the cover.”    We went out and tried to get it free in the wind with thunder and lightening crashing over our heads.   It was insane.  We got soaked but we took the cover inside and removed our wet clothes.   Then we watched and waited for it to pass.  It did, we were fine.   I haven’t been in anything as ferocious as this and it happened so fast. It continued to rain hard for a few hours.  I will take that rain over that wind any day!!  We have a few leaks.  I’m not surprised with the amount of rain that came down so quickly.  This storm hit the Florida Coast and all the way up through Georgia.  It was Time for a drink.

Here is comes🌪🌧💨
Huge waves behind the boat


Well, we experienced our first serious quick moving storm with tornado warnings and massive wind.  Everything survived,  including me.  We HIDE inside today, all day long!!!!!   This island will forever be called Jekyll and HIDE!!!

A homemade chicken pot pie helps comfort the soul

Our plans to leave today got changed because it is blowing like crazy.  No rain but the wind is terrible and we are rockin and rollin.  Having no agenda is a huge saving grace instead of being miserable and uncomfortable.  We took the golf cart again today and went to see the Turtle Hospital.  They have a pretty impressive operation.  You can watch the turtles getting medical attention.  They care for little hatchlings that don’t find their way out of the nest and sick or injured turtles.

Baby hatchling in rehab


This turtles shell was getting tended to.
The little guy at the bottom was lookin right at me.  “Let me out!”

The Island is packed full of people on Easter weekend.  I saw kids and Easter egg hunts in the huge lawn in front of the historic hotel.   I saw little girls in their Easter dresses and moms all dressed up.  I am feeling a little sad.  I remember those days.  How fast does time go??  Another holiday we will be missing family (At least I will).   I am praying the good Lord will calm the winds and let us move on tomorrow so I don’t sit around being sad and lonely on Easter Sunday.  I am grateful for this journey but this is the hard part for me.  Happy Easter Subday everyone.  🐣🐤🐰  We leave here for a 2 day journey to Savanna.  I am ready for visitors.  Who wants to come join us?

One thought on “Jekyll and Hide

  1. So cool I really like the driftwood I think I could be talked in to joining you for a visit but you know how that would go so I will just keep visiting your blog for now. Best wishes and prayers to you both. Deborah


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