Spanish Wells

This little town is very charming.  We had 3 excellent days here.  The Marina is really nice but we are only ones here except a sailboat with 2 Swedish guys (Art Evidon, they have been to Mole and said “there is nothing there! LOL”.  We took a golf cart and cruised the island.  Golf Carts are the main mode of transportation. My idea of a good time, wind in your face.   We went to beaches down narrow, bumpy dirt roads and, again, we were all alone.  We stopped at a local beach bar/restaurant called The Sand Bar.  I had the best fish sandwich  AND french fries.  How I have missed this simple pleasure!  This was a good spot to have a beer,  lunch and watch the ocean.  It was pretty popular and boats came into the bay,  anchored and waded in the shallow water for lunch.


I LOVE this man!!!!❤️

We returned to the boat to rest, so I thought.  What??? Mr. Aquaman rest??? Are you kidding me!!! It was a perfect opportunity to take a paddle.   We are in a channel with mangroves.  Andy inflated my kayak for the first time, which is a workout in itself.  Once the boards were ready we headed out and paddled thru the mangroves and up the channel.  As we were returning, Andy spotted a huge mama Manatee with a baby.  I paddled over and the baby was super curious about my bright blue kayak and swam over to me.  Mama came in for protection and swam right under my kayak.  I wondered if it was going to lift me out of the water on its back.  I lifted my paddle and held my breath as it passed under me super shallow and close.  Thank god these things aren’t man eaters.  The baby stayed close to mama but kept checking me out.  I cruised with them for a bit and then thanked them for the visit and for not tipping me over.   I got some pictures but I was so in the moment watching them that are not very good.  Sometimes its good to just watch, experience the majestic moment and not alway grab your phone and miss these brief encounters.  This was one of those.


You can see Aquaman across the channel we paddled. Empty Marina.  Mangroves were full of baby fishies! 

We had the golf cart for 24 hours so we took advantage of having wheels and went to dinner at The Shipwreck. This place is right on a point looking out to the ocean and reefs.  We spotted a shark cruising the reef and some rays.  The restaurant is pretty gourmet for this Island and we had a fantastic dinner.  (I don’t do food pictures!)  Trust me when I say it was yummy.  I love eating at new places and its always a nice break from cooking.  Our supplies are limited.  I provisioned the boat well but we will eventually run out!  Hopefully not before we return to Florida.

Today was “get the dingy out of it’s time out, it was grounded for bad behavior” day.  We took it down and cruised thru super shallow water with sand bottom that turned to eel grass.  We did go around but managed to get free pretty easy.  We were trying to get to some rock islands that we hoped would have some good reefs.  I wasn’t impressed, But nothing stops Aquaman from jumping in and having a look.  We anchored the dingy and I sat watch.  He said it was a 6/10.  After he was satisfied we took a different route back hoping to avoid the shallow eel grass.  It worked and we found our way back safe and sound.  More importantly the dingy behaved.  We really should have sought out local knowledge for good snorkel spots.  These rocks seemed the perfect reef spot but they didn’t deliver.  Maybe the next place. Can’t always be great!


We lounged by the pool and took a dip to cool off.  If I lay on a lounge chair longer then an hour then you know I am sick.  A.   fter an hour I  did a bit of boat clean up.  If you know me you know the boats pretty clean always.  I am a bit of a freak,  but it needed a little attention and I am always satisfied with a rag and some simple green.  I did wash some windows and scrub the bathroom.  Exciting stuff!!  This is our home and needs the same attention a house needs.   It takes me just minutes to get it sparkle clean and smelling like lemon and citrus!  I love it when the boats clean!!!

I am totally missing Mexican food. Like seriously missing it!! I managed to find corn tortillas in Nassau and I bought 2 packs!  I was so excited.  I put together chicken enchiladas with shredded chicken I had frozen.  I also found some avocados!!!  It satisfied me a bit.  Not completely took away the desire for hot melty cheese and crisp shell tacos with rice, beans, salsa, chips and guacamole.  I will be dreaming of my meal at La Cocina or Cabo In Oxnard when I eventually return to California for a visit.  For now it had to due.

Andy and I have felt very alone a lot on this trip.  Some places have people and we make friends. But some places are disappointingly empty.  We have this expression lately, “Here we are, all alone again!”  It’s almost like we are ahead of the season and we have had meals in restaurants alone, lots of beaches with no people on them, anchorages with not a sole to be seen, and this marina is a ghost town, just another sail boat.  We decided to leave tomorrow to Harbor Island.  I think we have seen all there is to see.  It isn’t far but the advise from everyone is to take a local guide/captain because the waters are very difficult to navigate and the charts are not accurate.  It’s called the Devils Backbone and it a graveyard with sunken boats.  We are heeding the advise and have the #1 Pilot that was highly recommended escorting us.  He pulls a skiff behind the boat to return once we are thru the pass.  I know, I know!  Crazy.  But everyone we talk to says we have to see this town and the pink sand beaches.  It sounds too good to pass up,  and heck, we are all the way here.  It would be shame not to go.  So we are!   We are hoping the next marina is a bit more happening.  I will keep ya all posted! Wish us luck!

Big tidal changes and long shallow walks on the sand 
Hello! No sand dollars were found. BOO!
The Marina here was nice with a bar and yummy restaurant
Time for a cruise to check out this place. 
This is a big fishing village with services. Thankfully we didn’t need any! 
Lobster boats.  They say that most of Red Lobster’s lobster comes from here.  

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