Drug plane wreck of Pablo Escobar and Mangroves in Shroud Key.

We left Highborne and went to see a famous plane wreck that crashed carrying cocaine supposedly by Pablo Escobar.  This was in shallow water and was a super fun snorkel.  We stopped here for lunch and them made our way to Shroud Cay.  We hooked up with a fellow looper boat at this location.  We have an app called NEBO that other boaters can track our routes and also stay in touch with each other.  A boat saw us on the app and messaged me.  We exchanged notes about anchorages and then they pulled in as we were getting ready to dive the plane.  They are traveling with little kids!  Wow, I was amazed.  I can barely handle the big kid I have onboard.  How brave of them.  It felt comforting to be anchored by them for the night.  They came over for a visit.  We actually got signal on our satellite to watch some of the super bowl.  BORING!!!!  Oh well, sorry Rams! We were rooting from the Bahamas. Below is Andys video.

The next morning we got up and set off to cruise the Mangrove river that cut its way thru Shroud Island to the other side.  We cruised super slow and saw rays sleeping on the bottom, turtles and fish.  The color of the water is crystal clear.  It’s like looking into a swimming pool.  You can see every contour of the bottom.  Absolutely beautiful.  The river ended onto a beautiful beach. The current was flowing out, as you will see in the video, so we didn’t stay long.  Also notice my old lady clothes, cuz the sun is BRUTAL!!!! My freckles are getting darker and my skin just turns red. Lovely!!


After our short cruise, we pulled the dingy up and back on the boat, and took off to The Exumas Land and Sea Park.  This is the first Marine Protection Area ever, established in 1958.  It wasn’t far from Shroud Cay.  We hooked up to our mooring ball before noon and Andy was in the water as soon as we were set up.  This place is a dream.  I cannot even use enough adjectives to describe the beauty.  We enjoyed every moment.  I think this might be my favorite spot on this voyage so far.  My next post will have all the pictures and details.  I am a little behind because we had no service and I’m actually put my devices away.  Being without service is a good thing to stop and be present, But I’m back at it today with lots to write and video to edit.  Hope your enjoying. Sorry my California friends who are having terrible rain and even snow.  The Bahamas is warm but also experiencing weird weather.  Days of major winds which causes big waves. This strands us in marinas for longer then planned.  We are rolling with it.  This is our year to live large and not worry, so we are all good! Life without a schedule. What a concept! 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️

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