Great Harbor Cay Marina

We arrived at Great Harbor Cay in The Berry Islands in the afternoon after our rough crossing and boy, was I was so happy to see that little cut in the rock that we were warned was tricky.  Besides being a tiny entrance into this harbor, I was just blown away at Andy’s navigating.  These new electronics have been worth every penny.  Plus all the research Andy has done on charts and apps for the IPad. We rely on Garmin and Navionics,  and so far, its done us right.  We tied up, I cooked some dinner, and went to bed.   I told Andy, “Just give me some time and space to recover!”   He found people to talk to on the dock while I chilled.  I wasn’t sure I would ever leave this place. I might fly home!!! This picture is the cut in the rock Andy had to find AND get us thru to find the harbor. Amazing!


We pulled into the harbor and were greeted by someone to help us tie up.  That’s a whole new story for me! 11 years at a floating docks with cleats and now I have no idea what they want you to do with your lines. Some are poles, some are boards you tie around. Anyway, we are figuring it out but the help is awesome.

The next morning when I had recovered, Andy promised a beautiful day.  He delivered. We set off on our bikes to a shell beach where we were the only ones for miles. I found sand dollars and small shells. We walked and were amazed at the crystal clear warm water.  We walked and walked, rode to different spots which were equally nice.  Andy swam and snorkeled and I actually got in the water! Shocking!!!  We wanted to go to a beach bar but when we arrived we found it closed.  Bummer, ok lunch on the boat, no biggie.  But first, another dunk in the warm water.  We walked down and found another couple who was also disappointed by the shut down bar/restaurant.  It made me realize we are seriously out of Calif!! A beach like this that was empty!  We chatted with them and then set off to ride back to the marina.  We got back to the boat and had a nice lunch in the marina. The Cafe was open and the sweet lady who ran it cooked me up an amazing burger.  I was greatful. And tired!!

Part 2 of our day brought me back to my to the reality of life with my man. Over the years Andy has coined a few Indian Names. These were thought up by my son one day when Jake was studing native Indians in Junior High.  As a family, we went out for kayaks in our harbor. Easy enough. But Andy/Daddy always pushed the kids a little too far.  He always said “just around the next bend and we will be home.”  The kids would paddle to find another bend, and then another bend.  He did this with bike riding, hiking, everything.  So he became “Daddy Who Says, Just Around The Next Bend.”   He always pushed us and took us too far.  It wasn’t that he was trying to kill us, but none of us could keep up.  As me and Andy were bike riding down a sandy path that supposed to end at a beautiful beach,  I was complaining the he had no idea where he was taking me in my beach path cruiser bike with my smooth tires and no suspension  and  his outfitted for any obstacle. Me sliding out and bouncing over corral as I cussed and he road like nothing on his high tech mountain bike.  This journey, with this man, me trying too keep up and not getting killed.  At the end of the ride we found this beach.  And it was glorious.  I was grateful.  I am being tested.  I have to learn to trust him.

We returned to the boat After hours on the beach, me thrashed and ready to relax.  But not Mr. Andy. He was excited to be in calm weather and try out his Christmas present.  So he pumped it up and took off.  Me, I’m thrashed!!  But I do love this crazy man.


Andys Christmas Present finally pumped up! He never stops!


We spent 3 nights here.  It was a nice place but we also were anxious to get out to the Cays and anchor out.  The last night before we left, our sweet harbor host told us we needed to go get some local Bahamian food.  She made us a reservation. We went to this place that was like a home, not a restaurant,  and they expected us because our sweet host had called and ordered for us. They served us some local food of hog fish fingers, coleslaw, black beans and rice, plantains.  It was yummy and it was a great night off of cooking.  I am cooking a lot and we just don’t have options to anything other then what we brought.  So it was a treat.  Plantains were great!!



There was a sunken plane wreck we heard was a great snorkel.  We snorkeled It and it was full of fish.   Funny to think it was smuggling marajuana when it crashed.  Lol. We saw a lone  lion fish and lots of schools. Andy made me get in even though the water wasn’t really very  warm.  Glad I did!

After we snorkeled we set off to journey up the jungle cruise, as it was called.   It was a river thru the mangroves called Shark Creek. It was SHALLOW, even in a dingy.  At one point Andy put his shoes on and pulled us along.  Me not happy,  but going along for the ride.  Of course, I made it clear this was stupid.  We did see some baby sharks, lots of baby fish in the mangroves and we went WAY TO FAR!!!  Until I had a temper tantrum and Andy finally turned around.  Many mosquito bites later,  Andy “daddy who goes to far, just around the next bend” turned around, Or faced death by wife.


The dock was full of conch shells.  Andy said I was not allowed to take any.  BOOHOO!  So I took pictures!! Conch fritters were on the menu.  They are just chewy grossness to me. I have had my share thruout the Caribbean.

These days are full. I feel like I am trying to soak up every inch of a place even though we have no actual time frame.  I live with a guy who finds everything there is to do in a place, forms a list and we hit the road running. I hope we find a groove as we go from place to place.  The next few days we will be anchoring out.  We will be in the Bahama banks and they are SHALLOW!!!!  So I am ready to move on but I am a bit afraid.  I will let you know how it goes.  Being somewhere so far from home and no way out!  I am facing lot  of insecurities and also learning to trust. This is what I signed up for!  All good but scary as hell. We set off to Hoffmans Cay tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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