Holy Sharks!


We arrived in Bimini yesterday afternoon after a very uneventfully smooth crossing. We tied up at the dock, high fived each other.  Said a few “Holy F$%, I cant believe we are here!”  We checked into immigration and sat on the boat in a bit of shock and total gratitude. We have had a few really good weeks in Fort Lauderdale where we enjoyed the city and took advantage of lots of services. (There will be a whole post about that, but for now its all BAHAMAS!)  After we removed our yellow flag we jumped on our bikes to stretch our legs and get SIM cards. The store was closed. Oh well, tomorrow. We cruised the island, its small and returned to the boat to just chill. We walked the docks and I am not joking when I say the shakes appeared and they were HUGE!!!! Not your little reef sharks and nurse sharks. This friendly old (and a little wasted) guy said “I’m not being prejudice, but don’t jump in that water cuz them bull sharks like white meet!” Cracked us up! The dock is pretty empty except a few fishing boats that go in and out and a few local, long timers on mega yachts. One gentleman on a boat named Vison is super friendly. He lives here on his boat and does eye exams for the locals and cuts glasses right on his boat. They let him stay for free! He loved chatting, Rum and coke in hand, telling stories and local knowledge. He and his wife and a 13 year old live on this old Hatteraus that one time cruised Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It has a lot of history and is quite a boat. As the evening went on and the sun set we drank some docktails, cooked a yummy dinner (why does everything taste so good on a boat!) and am in wonder and awww! We are REALLY doing this! We are really HERE!! Holy moly! Now we have to find some water to swim in that has less shark infested.


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