Where are we and where is the boat?

We have spent the last 2 weeks crossing the country making stops along the way, taking in the sites and trying to take it all in. First stop was Phoenix where we caught a Suns game and had an unexpected visit from Bernie and Tammy, who happened to be in the area. Who would have known except for a Facebook posting from Bernie announcing he was flighting in at the exact time we arrived! We HAD to see therm. Even if was for a sucky NBA team, last place and the only reason we could got tickets last minute. We are NOT in LA anymore! Next morning we set out for El Paso which was just a stop over. Then onto San Antonio. We arrived, walked the Riverwalk, drank a margarita and found a local place for awesome Mexican food. The next day we toured The Alamo and went to the top of the Tower of the Americas. I’m afraid of heights so this was huge for me. Andy encouraged with me with a glass of wine at the top. It worked! Next stop was New Orleans. OMG I could write a whole page on that place. I will just say we saw A LOT in a day. The first night we walked Bourbon street and I danced with a group of girl (women my age!) and we ate yummy food. The next day we hit the ground running. A food tour with a local who loved to talk, Beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde, walking and walking, Then we saw the BEST jazz concert of our lives. Andy never stopped smiling and it ended way to soon. The next day we got up and drove in the rain, our first bad weather thankfully. We drove to Pensacola and stayed at the Margaritaville right on the beach and had a beachfront room…..In the rain……oh well! I was happy to be back on the beach even if it was raining. The next morning we got up in the drizzle and had fun touring the forts and navy museums. We had fun. Next up was Crystal River. Why you ask? Cuz I had never heard of the place. BUT I am married to AQUAMAN and he decided to swim with Manatees. OK THEN….. He did and I watched from the boat happily dry and warm. Next stop was Naples. But along the way Andy showed me a blog he found by a “Looper” who just finished the loop the day before. I became engrossed in her writing and decided to see where they ended in Florida. Turned out we were going right by them. So I threw caution to the wind and wrote to her, only I sent the email to the wrong person, But it found its way to her. Cuz God is good and he knows I need all the help I can get. We were finishing lunch she called. SHE CALLED!!! And they invited to their boat to chat. Kim and Jim O’Connell were gracious and awesome to let us drop in on them very spontaneously. We chatted and we picked their brains, shared our similar stories about selling everything, hitting the road all the way from California to Florida and beginning the adventure of a life. Thank you Kim and Jim! Next was Naples. Naples rocked!! We were upgraded to a 1 room condo/suite/marina view/amazing room with views of a sunset, a bottle of wine and chocolates. What the WHAT!!! So we stayed a few nights! That next day was spectacular. Kayaked, walked on the beach and went shelling, wine and cheese on the balcony with a sunset and an amazing dinner. It was an incredible day and I felt so blessed. Last section of our drive was a quick jaunt to Miami where we are able to stay in my brothers 5 story townhouse on the ICW. Its comfortable and has an elevator thankfully. We are just now in holding pattern as we wait for word on the arrival of the ship. This is the hard part for me. My life lessons have all been about patience and acceptance. I can only wait now and it will all be fine. But I am anxious to settle into boating life. I am ready to make it my home. I am ready to turn on the motors and cruise areas I have never seen. I am ready to be scared, nervous, experience the unexpected and be in the moment of this trip. I am ready for it all. So we found our slip in Fort Lauderdale, albeit temporary place until we figure out where to go first. We have our Burgee ready to hang showing anyone who knows this flag to please say HI. We have driven 3000 miles to get here. We have nothing left but whats in that boat, which is on a ship, which I am patiently waiting for.


This will be a place for me to journal our journey. But it will also be for me to remember details, and share with my family as we go. It will be raw, real, and candid. No surprise to anyone who knows me. I will also say that english is not my strong suit. So if you get annoyed with my grammar, punctuation, spelling or typos…… STOP now! If It gets published later I hope they will edit me! HA!

Love you all

Haven’t been away long enough to really be home sick. Is that a thing when you don’t have a home anymore???

One thought on “Where are we and where is the boat?

  1. You are off to a great start! Looking forward to going with you! Sherry & Alan, Sea Jamm PS. And YES. You will be way comfy in Aquaman!


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