Birdsong Marina, Pearls and almost death by a curtosy carπŸš—πŸš˜

Not sure how to begin this story. I guess I will spoil the ending by saying we are fine!! So what happened you ask??

We left Paris landing this morning for a super easy cruise down Kentucky lake. The lake is beautiful and FLAT! I am lovin’ it. It IS hot as hell though. This area is having a record heat wave. Lucky us! I am getting used to being sweaty.

We were having such a great cruise that dancing was a must. Rocking out to the sounds of Andy’s playlist, he has the best music.

Are we seeing turning leaves or dead trees? Not really sure because it’s been so hot here they are saying they might die before turning color.

We passed a fire!

This tree was right in the channel stuck in the mud. Good thing we are watching and the bird kinda gave it away.

So your still asking what’s with all the drama?? I am getting to it, hold on!!

We booked a marina called Birdsound Marina. Bob was the nicest guy on the phone when I called to enquirer about the marina. It is listed in all the books we have! Bob is a good Ol’ midwestern guy who had lived here his whole life and explained all that the marina had to offer. It is a family owned marina he kept saying. I was pretty psyched to meet Bob!

Bob told us to call him when we reached a certain mile marker and he would come out to escort us in. Awesome!! We made the call and waited patiently for Bob to come get us. He came out in his pontoon boat and we proceeded into this narrow channel that had markers that were set up like a slalom course. My excitement turned to terror when immediately we hit ground, something hard, but the boat didn’t stop, it kept going. So we were not aground. We left a big trail of churned up dirt, mud, rocks.

Oh boy!!!

As we continued we had shallow water that we had absolute no business being in. For most of the way we had 1 foot or less under our props. A lot of time it hit 1/2 foot. It sucked. We idled, prayed and I wanted to high tail it right back to the river. Bob was ahead of us like nothing while I chewed off a fingernail.

We arrived to this. A rickety old wood dock. Just us and the pontoon boats.

Aquaman stood out like a huge sore thumb. No big boats back here at all. We looked like a target. We shook our heads and decided to make the most of it. We actually might never make it out of here. This might be our new home. I told Bob that we really didn’t have enough water to be back here. He was so surprised and said he had no idea. For a moment I had that feeling, like I have a lot on this trip, that no one cares for your stuff like you. Good Ol’ Bob had no idea of the water levels and I trusted him that we would be fine entering that channel. He was so friendly on the phone and we had put our home in his hands.

The dock had a bunch of old tanks, equipment and signs. Almost like of days gone by. It felt erie and freaky. This boat was left here to rot into the earth like garbage. Like a ghost town. I felt venerable and uneasy the whole time. Sleep did not come easy as I listened for noises and I wondered if the boat would be sitting in mud when we woke.

After we had settled in, or actually cranked up the AC and pulled the shades, a lady came down to take me up to the pearl museum. It was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but I went not wanting to be rude. Andy opted out and I didn’t have the heart to say No to her. I let her take me up to a makeshift little closed restaurant/museum/pearl store. I got to see a video about this fresh water pearl operation and how it started. Then I had to find something to buy. I couldn’t walk away empty handed. OH VEY!!

This is what I choose. I can wear next to all my bracelets. I also took a mussel shell.

These are the shapes they use to form the pearls in the mussels.

Bob offered us a curtesy car. Cool! So let’s go see what’s around and get some dinner.

We walked up to find this Lincoln. SWEET!

(Notice the back end is almost sitting on the ground)

It was far from sweet. This car has seen better days. The entire back end scrapped on the ground and it bounced down the road with bigger wakes then the Mississippi. We bounced and scraped down a 2 lane country road trying not to die or get hit because Andy was so afraid we would bottom out over every bump so he didn’t drive fast. I imagined a car flying down the road and ramming into us. My seatbelt didn’t work making me even more nervous. I actually laughed so hard every time we bounced as my boobs almost left my chest. We eventually made it to a Mexican restaurant where no alcohol was served! Hilarious.

We have been in a lot of curtesy cars. Some good, some not so good and even sketchy but this one really took the cake.

Sooo…….. We made it back. We are fine. No loopers come here! I wonder why??? We have to get out of here in the morning. I will try to keep my fingers out of my mouth.

We did get the gift of a new moon and sunset. Thank you for that!

“The difference between an adventure or an ordeal is your attitude.”

I won’t sleep tonight as I fear our departure tomorrow morning as early as possible.


3 thoughts on “Birdsong Marina, Pearls and almost death by a curtosy carπŸš—πŸš˜

  1. Cindy, so please leave a review on aqua maps or waterway guides. So many people don’t update rundown places. You did have me laughing about the car… I hope your boat made it out safely this morning.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. Not only was it hilarious but timely as we are doing our planning. Stay safe out there!


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