Georgian Bay, Canada is better with friends!🌲

This part of the trip is the section most loopers love the most.  The problem for me is that I started this section really home sick.  I don’t know what happened.  I was fine.  I had a lovely visit with Renee and Dean, and then my parents while on the Trent.  Something happened,  like a switch turned.  Ok, enough of that because no one feels sorry for me.  BooHoo! I had a few days that I threw myself a pity party, then I had to get over it.

 These stone men were all over the rock Islands

On a positive note, We connected with Robin and Ted on Curti-Sea when we got to Orillia. We decided to travel together.  Andy and Ted planned the route and we set off from Midland Ontario together.  This friendship has been a life savor for me!!  I love Robin and I really needed the distraction from my misery.  We laugh a lot, Ted is hilarious and it is awesome to have a buddy boat.


Rafting up in a calm bay is the best!


Aquaman in his element


Robin and Ted enjoying the warm water


Enjoying the beauty of this anchorage

The Georgian bay is an area of 30,000 islands, or rather granite islands.  They are beautiful but navigating through them is nerve wracking.  You cannot veer off your charts or risk hitting one.  The channels are marked pretty good but some areas felt like threading a needle. 046FA02C-B2CD-468D-897B-D8BA586C434D


Ok…….. Good luck!


Beautiful narrow Chanel’s that lead to quiet anchorages.

This area is just beautiful.  The granite rocks that make up this area are also covered in pine tress.  The smell of the pine reminds me of the days we spent up in the Sierras.  It’s been a long time since I have smelt the clean air and fresh pine forests. The stars are bright and thick but the sun sets so late up here its hard to stay awake long enough to see them.  One night I got up at 2am and went outside.  They were incredible.

We are on constant look out for bears or moose.  So far nothing but I will keep looking.

We have seen loopers all over and in in this anchorage we connected with a few boats.  We took our dingy down and went over to the famous Henrys for fish and chips. They did not disappoint!


Cheers and drinking local Canadian beers!🍺


Left to right: Endorphan Voyager, Pegasis, Titan Princess, Custi-Sea and Aquaman

We stopped at this famous, turned tourist stop for the best fish and Chips.  Totally worth the stop because they were epic!!

Just one of the many many sunsets.  They are all just awesome!!!

Ted and Andy planned each stop and anchorage along the way.  It was good to have a buddy boat and we hit some good stops.  One was called The Pool.  We had trouble setting our anchor here.  It took 3 tries and each time I pulled up a pile of grass that strained the bow and left a pile of long weeds to cut off, along with mud.  It was a messy job!


Weed jungle. 3 times a charm!

We took a wonderful hike up the mountain to Topaz lake.  The water was crystal clear and the color of the deepest blue.  It’s called Lake Topaz but it looked more like a sapphire. It was so inviting that I decided to climb down the rocky cliff and jump in.  I wasn’t sure how I was getting out but I found a way.  It was the first big hike we had taken in awhile.  The exercise felt great.  The air is so clear up here because there is so few homes and no real roads.  We hoped to see a bear along the way but that didn’t happen.  Andys new knees are doing really well in spite of the lack of exercise we are getting living aboard a boat.  He found these along the way.

These guys were pretty. Edible?? We didn’t try.

We made it to the top, Lake Topaz below.

I was the only one who got in. It felt awesome!!

 The Georgian bay is gorgeous. There are hundreds of anchorages and places to visit. It is impossible to see it all. I felt that we spent more then enough time here, actually I felt we spent too much time. I had been ready to get back to marinas and cities, or cute quaint towns. I have to admit that I am not a fan of anchoring. Up here you have no choice. We did find a few marinas but mostly we were on anchor. Andy and I tried not to yell at each other but it didn’t always go so well. Our anchor was difficult to set, taking several attempts and this added to my anxiety. We were never in any danger but I just never get comfortable. Wine helps 🍷. Also being with a buddy boat helped me greatly. We shared meals and cooked together. We each anchored and drifted together so we had security of 2 anchors and lots of scope. We took super long dingy rides through the rock islands, places the big boats could not go. We explored looking for bears and moose (we didn’t find any but they are out there).

 We even ran into other loopers anchored in different coves. There were so many to choose from. Hello Dorthy and Brian!

Andy got tired of my whining so he dumped me off on this rock on time out! I got the message! LOL! 😭

Lots of areas to kayak here. Our inflatable is perfect! We need another one!

Like most sections of this loop, I always feel good when we have completed it. This for sure was one of those. Starting this section being home sick sucked because It wasn’t an area I could quickly get out of. I had lots of days when I woke, I had to talk to myself and snap out of feeling sad. I could choose to be unhappy, or I could choose to enjoy God gift of beauty and this incredible opportunity to be here. Everyday is a gift along the way. I am grateful to be here, doing this now. Ok, time to get to the USA!🇱🇷