Road Trip to Niagra Falls ๐Ÿš— ๐Ÿ—บ

Red Roof Inn June 20-21

We arrived in Oswego and took a deep breath.  We had finished the Erie Canal and this marked another section completed.  We felt we deserved a break from the boat and a little road trip.  We were just 170 miles from Niagra falls.  We rented a car and got a hotel reservation and took off.  We started our drive in the pouring rain.  It wasnโ€™t just a little rain,  it was a downpour and the windshield wipers could barely keep up.  We pressed on.  It is a very weird sensation being in a car going 50+ MPH after traveling in a boat going under 10 MPH.  Things were buzzing past us at what felt like lightning speed.  It did take a little getting used to.  Something we did everyday in our previous life suddenly felt totally foreign.  Andy did remember how to operate a car and we relaxed as the rain let up.

We arrived in Niagara Falls, checked into our Inn on the American side and took off walking.  We only had one night here so it was time to seize the day.  We walked to the falls and stared at the grandeur.  We then boarded a trolly that took us to other spots to observe them.  It was incredible.

Maid of the Midst
Getting misted by the falls
The American side

After walking miles we decided to get back in our rental car and drive across the boarder to the Canadian side.  We would go to the casino and find some dinner.  It was definitely  prettier from that side.  I spent $40 in 10 minutes in the casino and that was it!  I did not bring my Vegas luck with me.

I spy a casino! ๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ฐ
Horseshoe falls
We planned to do this boat ride but it rained the whole time.  Didnโ€™t really feel like we needed to be wetter.  Looked fun.
The American falls view from Canada


The next morning we decided to take a drive to a town called Niagra on the Lake in Ontario.  I loved it.  The valley was full of wineryโ€™s and it felt like we could be in Napa Valley.  The houses were gorgeous and the town was full of fun shops and restaurants.  I especially loved all the flowers.  The streets and building were full of perfectly manicured flowers.  I guess the climate here is conducive to growing beautiful flowers. I loved it!!

If we ever come back I want to stay here! WAY better then the Inn we stayed in!
Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!! Amazing !!


Wine and cheese at a local winery.  The suffering continues!





Andy dared me.  NOT going to happen.
Just watching this red basket made me sick to my stomach.  It did look fun but NOT!!
Beautiful spot but I was trying not to throw up! Heights, NO GOOD!
Crossing back to the states.

I had this strange feeling the whole time about wanting to get back to the boat.  Me and Andy both felt it.  It felt strange to be away,  as much as we enjoyed this getaway,  we were both also anxious to return.  This has become our home,  our happy place that moves us from place to place.  It has become so comfortable.  I have adapted to this lifestyle remarkably well and I have to say  how much I love it.  We have made such great friends.  We are seeing so much of this country.  We have tough days just like everyone.  Some days the weather sucks.  Mostly itโ€™s beautiful.  We continue to be amazed by this journey.


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