New York🗽






New York,  Liberty Landing

June 2nd—7th

Pulling into the New York Harbor was mind blowing.  In my wildest dream I could not imagine pulling up in our boat.   I thought it was the craziest idea.   It never occurred to me that we would would take our boat all the way from California and one day be pulling into the NY harbor.  It’s also crazy to think how far we have traveled to get here.    It blew my mind.  It blew Andy’s mind.  We were there,  present for every moment along this journey,  but I still think it is a dream.

I see it, I see it!!
NY skyline!


We left Manasquan Marina in New Jersey and set off through the inlet to the open Atlantic Ocean.  The day was misty and hazy.  When we left I hoped it would clear and the ocean would be calm.   We left along with a bunch of commercial fishing boats and a few sports fishing boats.  A few looper boats also where heading the same direction.  I hoped that when we got to the Atlantic Ocean the seas would be kind to us.  This would mark our very last ocean crossing for a very long time.  Once inside the New York harbor, we will be going up the Hudson and into fresh water.  We won’t see salt water again until we hit the Gulf of Mexico.  A long time from now.  Again,  this is blowing our mind!

We entered the NY harbor and it was unusually quiet for a Sunday.  We expected a ton of boats,  harbor tours,  ferries and  recreational traffic.  It was pretty early on a Sunday morning and it was remarkably quiet.   We approached the Statue of Liberty and as it got closer we teared up.  Disbelief,  in awe and so grateful.  It was a powerful moment.  Not another boat was around.  We positioned the boat and took some pictures of us on the bow sprit.  We looked at Lady Liberty and floated a while.   After we had our fill we found our way to Liberty Landing,  our marina for the next week.


The first day we toured NY with Jody and Wayne and had a great time.  We took the ferry across the river to ground zero.   We toured the grounds and went to the top of the One World Trade Center.  The view was incredible.  We could see Liberty Landing where the boat was.  We could see The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  We had great views of the city.  We rode the subway uptown to Times Square.  We ate at the famous Carmines.  Then we walked Central Park.  Exhausted and with tired feet, we made our way back to the boat.  It was a full day!





The next day we picked up a stow away!!  Mr. Crazy flew in and joined us.  Some people will understand when I say this was an epic visit with someone who we love so much.  Some people will also know what he is going through.  To have him make this journey to see us and travel up the Hudson is beyond words.  You cannot take the Crazy out of Crazy Bernie.

Mr. Crazy has arrived and ready to party!!


He showed us a good time in his favorite place.  He scored us front row tickets to Beetlejuice,  which was fantastic.

He took us on the Bernies tour of the best NY pizza joints, and to the oldest bar in NY (they only served shitty beer so we didn’t stay long, but if the walls could talk!).  He made us laugh in normal Bernie fashion.  It was so great to have him aboard.





When we were leaving NY another looper boat offered to take our boat pictures in front of the Liberty!! Thank you so  Much to Jamie and Trish of R Time!!


Mr. CRAZY!!!!


New York was a fun week.  The sound of the city,  the ferry horns,  the backup beeping from all the trucks,  the pounding noise of construction,  the sound of large party boats and tour boats coming into the marina for fuel was A LOT for us.  Even though there is definitely an energy and excitement of being here I secretly was ready to go.  I will always be in awe of this section of the trip but I really enjoy the smaller historic towns we have been stopping in all the way up the East Coast.  The next section of this loop will be canals, rivers and locks.  I am looking forward to it with a bit of anxiety and fear.  I have learned along the way that most of what I am afraid of has been really nothing to fear at all.  Onward we go!

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