Georgetown South Carolina🏡

April 30th-May 1

Georgetown SC

Harborwalk Marina.  Great marina in a nice calm bay.

Aren’t we cute in our matching hats. I found a store who embroidered and we got new hats.  Loving my AQUAMAN Aqua hat! Ignore the wacky hair. Hats are a good way to hide the roots and tame the curls.

Today we left Charleston for Georgetown.  Andy made the decision to travel outside today,  in the ocean, vs. taking the ICW.   We had been warned that there is a spot that was a real trouble spot at low tide.  The area is called McClellanville and is a notorious spot for running aground because of the shallows.  Thankfully we have friends ahead of us and we totally appreaciate all the heads ups and cautions.  (Thank you Done Diggin)  Andy looked at the tide tables and the time we would be approaching that area,  sure enough it was right at the worst possible time.  Decision made.  We also thought it would be good for the boat to open up the motors.  We have been running at near idle (for us) and the RPMs at around 1500.   We took off and as we got close to the channel inlet it got bouncy.   I thought to myself ,  “Oh shit,  we have hours of this!  Ok Brerathe.  It’s nothing your not used to.  We have been in flat glass rivers so the motion of the ocean is just what you haven’t seen in awhile.  You got this girl.”   Well,  it wasn’t a bad 5 hours but it wasn’t wonderful either.   Andy is the best captain.  He drove  the boat into the swells and made the route as comfortable as possible.  When we arrived in Georgetown he was pretty hammered.  He is my hero.


Georgetown is a wonderful little town.  It is the 3rd oldest founded cities in America.  It is rich in history and  in the height of its day had a larger population of slaves then whites. It produced Indigo then rice then steel and paper.  International Paper has the largest paper mill in the world here.  Once we were settled in we went to stretch our legs and walk the waterfront boardwalk.  Very cute town with a main street of old buildings,  factories turned boutiques and restaurants.  We found a spot to get a drink and decompress.  A fellow looper was in the Marina and we bumped into them.  Later we shared a lovely dinner together at the River Room.  It was so nice to have some company.  They left the next morning.  We decided to spend another night.


Old brick building line Main Street.  This was the Rice Museum. Originally a hardware store. It has an Iron facade
There is a lot of ship history here as well. This was outside the Maritime museum.


Fun boardwalk lined with restaurants and locals getting a beer.


The next day we did a little boat cleaning and laundry.  Then we rode our bikes to the local Piggly Wiggly for some basics, bread, coffee creamer, peanut butter.  I really need groceries but we are going out almost every night.  New towns and new places to explore.  We want to see everything.  The best way to see these towns is on our bikes.  We can cover so much more ground.  I have to try really hard to follow my very nimble, maneuverable mountain bike riding man.  I am on an upright beach cruiser style bike with a basket that  does not maneuver the same.  I do cuss!!  I can’t help myself.  Andy pops up curbs and winds his way around obstacles.  I’m behind him yelling  “slow down, oh shit,  oh shit!!  I am going to get killed!!!  Hold on!!”  It’s hilarious really!  I prefer a nice bike path.  The streets of these old towns are rough with pot holes and gravel.   I am WAY better then when we started this trip.  Our bikes are our main mode of transportation.  We ride them almost everyday.  I have to laugh at myself and what a totally uncoordinated fool I am.  I am getting  more confidant as we go.  Andy told me last night, after I almost got hit for like to 10th time,  “Look,  YOU are responsible for whatever and wherever you go on YOUR bike.  Go where you are comfortable.”  OK boss man, I got the message.    Now if I can just keep the F-Bombs to a minimum.  Everyone has goals!

Today’s ride was a tour of old homes.  Huge plantations that I am sure where mansions of the day.  Several homes had been restored,  some where left to neglect.  Some were getting modernized.  Anyone who knows me,  knows I LOVE old stuff.   Vintage, beat up, chippy wood, rusty metal, old doors and windows.  I dreamt about taking one of these old houses and restoring it.  How fun would that be!!   So up my alley!  Andy would never,  so for now its just a fantasy.   I can totally appreciate the labor of love it took to get the home livable.  I also think about all the lives and stories under those roofs.  I can feel the energy in my cells.  I can picture the white,  privileged women and the black servants,  the men who went out to the factories and came home to a hot cooked meal and a pretty wife.  Kids running around the yards yelling and screaming.  History.  These homes have history.  I had a brand new home build by a corporation like a cookie cutter without character.  I never LOVED that house and knew it was a temporary spot to lay my head while we planned this adventure.  My next home must have character and a story.  AND good energy!!

Just one example of a restored home.

We saw all the shrimp boats coming in and we found them as we rode today.  The shrimp was fresh off the boat and huge!!!  We stumbled upon this Egret standing outside the shrimp store waiting for a handout.  As we approached the owner/salty sailor grabbed some shrimp and fed him for us to watch.  No wonder he hangs out.  Smart bird! 1DA8EF8F-DB2D-4C6F-805A-8510034D0F1D0A2B3492-1774-4C21-B305-7924EA4455D75DAC6BFA-927A-425F-99FB-1A5AB40D968C

Best freshest shrimp ever!

We decided to cook some local food tonight!FCEFB2F3-4249-4E82-BA07-D0AA86486FA4

Just kidding. Who would I be fooling anyway! I don’t even have a pot big enough for those greens.  In the mean time, I will keep ordering them cuz they are GOOD!!!! 
Bad picture of the turtles. The yellow umbrella reflected off the water. There were a bunch of them, along with the little fellow below.  My first Gator sighting!


Georgetown needs to be on your list if you ever find yourself in the area.  One of my favorite stops so far!


One thought on “Georgetown South Carolina🏡

  1. I am so glad you guys are still enjoying your trip I have read all of your blogs just didn’t have a chance until now to comment and as usual all the pictures are great. Always thinking of you and wondering where to next. Miss you both and I will keep checking for the next adventure.


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