Look up!🚁 Eat👨🏻‍🍳 🍽🍷🍸 and get moving🗺

Beaufort NC April 28th

Look at the shoreline and notice the mud banks!
Are you sure there is enough water under the boat?

These last few legs have been concerns over tides,  currents and shallow areas.  It is NOT relaxing.   I thought I’d read and chill.  NOT!!!!  We are both watching the charts,  navigation and on the binoculars.  But this is FUN!!  Really it is.  When we get where we are headed the relief and happiness is compounded by the adventure.

Stay in the blue, lots of red making this a very narrow channel.  It is always is nerve wracking to go thru these areas. So far so good. 


The sail boat behind us was stuck in the mud, they ran aground.  As we got close we noticed they were not moving.  They called us on the radio and asked us the “wake them.”  We usually slow down so we DON’T wake the slower sailboats.  Andy gunned it as we passed them and our boat threw a big wake.  We watched and held our breath.  Their boat bounced around and then was free!!  YES!!!  It was the first time our wake helped someone.  They were so thankful.  They called us on the radio and thanked us.  Then they followed us for awhile.  If that didn’t work they would have been stuck there until the tide lifted them I am hoping we got some karma points! 🙏🏻

The boat must stir up something in the water because these birds have been following us and dive bombing the water behind the boat.  They are super noisy and fight with each other.

As we approached Beaufort we kept seeing military planes, helicopters and we noticed the large Marine base.  After we got to the dock and settled in we kept hearing  loud crashing and booms.  These had to be sonic booms. We looked up and the Blue Angles were flying over.  Thinking this was a fly by,  we went back to settling in,  but the noise kept happening and I kept  going out to look.  Turned out there was an air show happening and BOY did we get a show.  They zoomed all over the sky doing stunts and acrobatics.  They flew over so low that it shook everything.  It was incredible.  Right place at the right time.


Just one of the many helicopters that flew overhead


We  had just one night here in this historic town.  We (Andy mostly) are feeling the need to get some miles under the boat and closer to the Chesapeake,  where we want to spend a bunch of time.  I am feeling slightly sad to leave here because there is so much history.  We talked to people who said they did the loop again,  just because they couldn’t see it all.  I am starting to understand why.  It’s so hard to know how fast to go.  I have realized we just cannot see every historic town up the East Coast.  Being a California girl, I am blown away by all the old stuff.  I have an urge to buy every old house,  scrap of wood, old windows and columns,  rusty metal.  I’d love to collect it all.  I just love it.  The older the better.  The problem with these small towns is that the rivers/waters are muddy and Andy cannot swim.  I love all the historic old homes but these don’t seem to be towns we could live in with muddy rivers and no tropical fish.

April 29 Charelston City dock

We traveled the next morning to Charleston.  Several boats left the marina with the sun. We woke up and noticed almost all the boats where gone.  We said to each other  “they must know something we don’t! Let’s go!”   We untied and left.   We knew we had a long motoring day ahead.  I watched our fellow looper boats on my NEBO app and even messaged them throughout the trip about areas of concern.  I felt such a sence of comfort knowing there were several boats ahead of us and one  behind us.  We traversed more skinny channels,  all without issue.  We are getting used to these skinny channels.  Everyone arrived to Charleston and seems to all land in different marinas.  Charelston has a lot of choices.  Again, we could have stayed for many days but it was a quick overnight stop.  We have been to this city before so we decided to just stay a night and enjoy a really nice dinner out and walk the city. I am having to remind myself that we are on a LONG journey and I would rather see small towns and places I haven’t been to explore.  I always want to stay.  I had a dream that I was holding onto a dock cleat as Andy was pulling away.  I guess I will just suck it up and keep going.  We have SOOOOO much to see. It is all awesome.  We are in a constant state of motion.

We ate here with the kids when they were little.  We decided to eat here again.  It was the first place my picky eater son ate filet, and decided he was a steak eater.  We still tease him about it.  I thought I would be finishing his very expensive kids dinner but he ate it all.  Great memory.  Love you Jake!❤️

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