Hilton Head & catching up with friends😊


Shelter Cove Marina Hilton Head

April 24-28

Friends reunited!   Mike and Crystal Knox

We pulled into Shelter Cover Marina and I told Andy,  “I just may never leave this place!”  It is gorgeous!!!  The Marina was down a long river that from the map looked impassable by boat.  We figured a large Marina had to be fine,  otherwise it wouldn’t be there.  We trudged ahead.  The marina was awesome!!  We got to our slip and we saw several restaurants at the docks and lots of people enjoying the beautiful day.  First stop,  lunch!  We walk up the dock and found an outside table and a good menu.   Every time we pull into a place like this,  I get a little settled in,  start meeting people and never want to leave.  The good news for this stop was we were planning 4 nights here.  We had friends coming.   It is our first company on this trip.  I was beyond excited (as my previous posts pointed out my loneliness).  Andy was his best man and Mike was in our wedding 27 years ago and we hadn’t seen him or his wife in over 20+ years.  They had moved to Atlanta GA.  Life got busy and we didn’t stay connected.  I was so excited to reconnect with them and have my first overnight guests.  Andy had talked to Mike throughout the years but that’s not the same as a few days together.  We spent 3 glorious days in Hilton Head riding bikes all over the Island and on the beach,  we took a long paddle in the river,  we visited,  ate yummy food and BBQ one night.  I loved having them.  THANK YOU Mike and Crystal for taking the time to come see us.  We loved Hilton Head!  Definitely be returning one day.  Shelter Cove Marina was a great spot!

Low tide leaving these oysters all uncovered on the shoreline.
Mike and Andy
Crystal and Mike in their happy place on Hilton Head
Look mom, no hands
Beautiful sunsets over the marina.
Good friends catching up.
Bike riding on the beach  


This bronze statue of Neptune is 12 ft high and it is the largest figurative sundial in the world.   Super cool.  Mr. AQUAMAN and Neptune.


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