Taking care of business


We are in Nassau again.  This is the view from the marina.  We are right in the channel dividing Paradice Island from the mainland of Nassau.  It’s a very busy channel with tons of boat traffic.  This time it is about getting provisions, boat stuff, dinners out and preparing  for leg two of our Bahamas experience.  It is  funny that when we headed to the Bahamas we never expected to spend so much time here in Nassau, or even come here at all.  This is the “Hub” for all the islands.  You can get everything you need here and lots of boaters stop in on their way as a stopping point before heading to the outer Islands.  We came here from the Berry Islands on our way to the Exumas.  We got stuck here for 10 days because of wind and waves.  The Palm Cay Marina was awesome and we did not suffer except a few days of boredom from rain and wind.  Being tied up to a dock and safe was great.  We decided when coming back here to provision, that staying closer to the main area was a better idea because we are here a short time, hopefully.   We are convenient  to stores and can walk.  This marina is not as  nice as Palm Cay.  It is under construction and noisy.  The channel is teaming with boat traffic and tour boats taking trips out to snorkel and dive.  The wakes are big and the boat rolls a lot.  Thankfully it calms down in the evenings so it hasn’t been bad to sleep. The dock master, Peter is really nice! His hospitality is a welcome and wonderful.  He has checked in with us everyday and had lots of conversations with Andy.  Very nice guy!  So I can overlook the noise and mess.

First up was locating zincs for our shafts.  Andy noticed a few were missing while diving under the boat to check things out.  Zinc helps the metal underwater not rust or corrode.  Kind of important that our shafts don’t rust.  We had a service in California that replaced them every few months and we never had to worry about such things.  Andy found the size zincs we needed. Today he got his scuba gear out and dove under the boat and placed the zincs on the shafts.  I was aboard watching and handing him parts.  As he was doing the last one a HUGE bull shark swam by and my heart dropped.  I patiently waited for him to come up.  Then I asked if he was done. He said yes, so I requested he get out of the water quickly.  When he was safely sitting on the swim step I told him about the shark.  He didn’t see it! I was just glad it was done and he didn’t have to take the hammer to the local harbor shark.  Man, the bahamas are a sharkey place!!

We  needed groceries and Nassau has big American stores.  We spent lots of time going up and down the isles and buying our comforts.  Another issue we had was prescription medication.  We had a vacation override for a few months, but we left Florida Jan 6th and we are running to low for comfort.  If we get stuck in bad weather we might run out of the important ones.  We had to go to a local walk in clinic, see a Doctor and explain we are not sick and just need medication refills.  The whole thing is so lame.  I tried every angle to avoid this and nothing worked.  We walked to the clinic, payed our money ($77 each to see the Dr.) and took our prescriptions to the pharmacy and paid for the medication.  All so we can stay traveling the Bahamas.  Was it worth the hassle, you bet!!!!!  Now we don’t have to worry or make a bad decision to cross these oceans based on a timeframe.

We ate at The Poop Deck for lunch. I just love this Mermaid carving. I want one for my beach house in the future. I had the best Grouper, conch and shrimp! Yummy!!


After walking and running errands we decided to check out a local Chinese restaurant that said it delivered. We called and sure enough, they were happy to bring us Chinese food right to the boat.  Obviously a real luxury for us boaters!  I was in hog heaven and we ordered way too much food, because we can! OMG!!!  It was fantastic.




Andy took me to an amazing dinner last night to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We heard this place was a top restaurant on the island and it was just across the street.  I had the best Shrimp and Grits ever!  Andy had a local Hog Snapper over risotto.  It was such a treat.  The LOVE I have for this man just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  We are really happy together and I feel so lucky to have him.  He wants me to be happy and he has been so very nurturing and kind to me, even on the days when I have had it with his daredevil expeditions.  Being on a boat, living in very close quarters can be difficult but we have navigated thru it smoothly.  Honestly, it really has been awesome. Happy Valentines my sweetheart! ❤️

I have caught up on my laundry and today it’s raining.  The laundry room is full of other boaters doing the same.  The women all talk and share stories.  I’m finding the laundry room is a great place to seek out company.  Who knew it would be such a popular meeting spot.  Someone told me before we started this trip (Kim O’Connel) when you see another women doing laundry give them a hug,  because we all need each other to talk to commiserate, to share experiences, to complain about of our husbands who are out of ear range and we come together in a sisterhood of kind.  We all need each other and it is SOOOO true!  I actually get a little giddy and find myself talking way to fast.  I have to rein myself in at times.  It’s a funny personal observation.  I know that I cannot be isolated too long.  You would have to lock me up in a funny house cuz I will go nuts.  I know why in society, the women would all gather together and the men all gather separate.  Girls are my tribe and I need them, stranger or not.  Everyone is the same and we all crave human connection.  I find this especially true being so far from my tribe back home.  Seeking out women, even in a laundry room, is therapeutic.

As you can tell from this post, not everyday is an adrenaline, heart pumping day.  The last 3 days have been pretty normal with errands, shopping and eating wonderful foods.  This life is not bad.  I’m settled right in and lovin’ it.  Even the simple days.  We meet greats people on the docks.  We noticed another Bayliner on the dock that pulled in while we were out running errands.  Pretty soon a guy walked over wearing a vintage AQUAMAN T-SHIRT!  IT WAS AWESOME!  He and his sweet wife are loopers, they own a Bayliner and he wears AQUAMAN T- shirts!  Instant friendship!!  We shared stories and chatted.  Hope we will cross paths again.  They are headed to the Exumas, where we have just come from.  We are headed to Eleuthera.  -Mary and Dale have done half the loop already and like us, are all in loopers.  Having sold everything and moved aboard.

I find myself giddy some days. That feeling that we are pulling  this off is still there. That hasn’t gone away.  Dream something and then watch the dream turn into reality.  We dreamt it, now we are living it.  I dare you to follow your dream, whatever it is! I will  leave you with this picture.  There was one shell I really want but I promised Andy only pictures, no more shells.  I have a real problem! LOL  Aren’t they pretty! Nature is amazing.