I think I might CRY!!!!😭🏝🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️🦈 !!!


As soon as the sun peaked up we took off this morning.  We could not see the water bottom because the flat light, but Andy said it wasn’t necessary. That’s what the Navionics is for and he charted our exit from Bond Cay, where we had anchored overnight. It was pretty but totally isolated. Not a boat in sight. Not even a passing boat.  We broke ourselves into this whole shallow water, navigating, anchoring, primitive stuff right out of the gate.

We spent the first overnight at Hoffmans Cay.  We approached  the anchorage with me on the bow watching for coral heads and shallow waters not charted.  At one point the sand stirred behind the boat and later Andy admitted the depth went down to 2 ft.  He pressed on regardless and all I can say is that it worked out.  BUT, not what I signed up for.  I was a nervous wreck as Andy maneuvered thru the shallow water, but I maintained (I didn’t freak out) and we anchored just fine. The anchor set, first try. We  BBQ a delicious dinner. Why does food taste so good when your camping out?  Later we noticed 3 sailboats who came in a different cut a few miles from us and they anchored in what I assumed was deeper water.  Made me happy to see boats but they were far. We paddled Andys board, me riding along, to the deserted  beach for a walk and exploring. It was so surreal to be ALL ALONE!!! I know we talk about how cool that would be, but honestly I was a bit nervous.  We slept ok.  Not great but better then I expected because I am not a fan of anchoring, so any sleep is great.  The next day the sailboat people showed up in their dingy to OUR BEACH!!  They went to see the Blue Hole. Which was just a short hike.  Andy made that climb while I sat on the beach.



It was a good day!  We spent that morning exploring in the dingy and checking out or path out.  We had to get to our next spot for the night.  So off we went.  Bye Bye sailboats with people I didn’t know but was happy you were there.



Next anchorage was Bonds Cay.  It was a similar approach in shallow water but for some reason I wasn’t as nervous.  Again we were all alone.  Like NO ONE!!!! We Relaxed and I cooked the best Macaroni and cheese I have ever made in my entire life.  We watched TV and kept saying  “Where the heck are we?”  The next morning we had to get out of there while the tide was high.   Either transit the shallows with low light of a sunrise or wait for sun and a lower tide.  Anyway, long story, lots of discussion and we left early morning, low light.  We made the pass no problem.  I settled into the queens lounge while Andy drove and we enjoyed drinking our coffee. Feeling pretty accomplished and happy as the boat rolled along for hours.  At one point I thought to myself how awesome that we will be tied up in a marina before lunch time! That means we can go out for lunch!!! Yay!!!  About 2 hours in, all went to hell. By hell,  I mean I was praying to Sweet Jesus to save me now or I was going to die.  The boat listed and rolled. Everything went flying and I panicked.  Heart pumping and me screaming.

We aimed toward the harbor but the waves were on our beam rocking us violently. We could see the harbor entrance but we couldn’t go straight there, had to zig zag our way. Getting bashed! Once in Nassau harbor we could breathe again.  It took me a while to calm down, my heart racing.  We cruised by Paradice Island and all the cruise ships. We darted around their tenders and slowed way down to take in the sight. I wanted to cry from all the emotions. Tears of relief.

Ok Ok, I have your attention.  AGAIN, this trip is totally Awesome. But man oh man,  it has had challenges. Ups and downs, scared shitless and euphoria.  The ocean changes so fast. We had a bit of isolation and we were ready for civilization!! We pulled into this marina at the West end of Nassau.  Away from the craziness of the tourist and cruise ships.  We picked this place because it was a good price (Nassau is expensive) and it had really nice amenities. It is everything advertised. Happy dance!

Andy and I are now settled into our slip.  All tied up and cleaned up.  We washed the salt off the boat, cleaned up the mess on the inside and put everything back in its place.  We checked into the marina and had the best pizza for lunch. We hugged each other tight. We feel so grateful to be doing this together. Andy kept calm while I prayed to Sweet Jesus and uttered the F Bomb 100 times.  He handled the boat amazingly thru the worst waves I have ever encountered.  I personally think our boat was pushed to the limit.  Andy drove it better then you can imagine. He is my hero. I could just cry!

We are at a beautiful resort marina. It will be hard for me leave. We will stay at least a week and wait out the weather.  We need some vacation time.  Relaxing on the beach, lounge chair or poolside.  We have been on the move.  I’m excited to stay put.  I am actually terrified to think of leaving.  I hope after a week I will be ready to move on.  For now there is a drink with my name on it.  Andy and I are still shaking our heads.  California to Nassau.  Who would have believed it!  Living our dream, rough ocean and all!  We ate some great food and talked to people. We both had tears of happiness and pure shock that we have pulled this off!

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One thought on “I think I might CRY!!!!😭🏝🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️🦈 !!!

  1. “One who is brave”….OMG, yes you are!!! I’d be scared shitless, all of it.,,except the beauty, drinking, eating, seashells,etc. you haven’t mentioned…how are the stars!!!???


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