Self Care🧘🏻‍♀️



I am finding a rhythm.  I am not good at sitting.  I like to be busy.  I need a purpose.  My jewelry business did that for me.  I knew going into this, I would need to slow down and quiet my very ADD mind.  I also knew this trip would cause me to stop, listen to myself and be in the moment.  I have been tired of all the crazy running around and trying to PLEASE everyone.  IT’S AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK!  I knew I would have a big adjustment that would probably cause me anxiety . The first weeeks in Fort Lauderdale were full of appointments and people and I didn’t have a chance to decompress.  We are now someplace very quiet.   I am finding myself looking around and feeling a little anxious as I expected I would feel.  I wake up every morning a little anxious.  It passes once I’m up and moving.  But not having an addenda or schedule is creating space for me to ask myself simple questions.  “What do I want to do today, or how should I start my day?”   I only have myself and my sweet husband and it’s AWESOME!!!!  I brought my yoga mat, weights, bands, TRX.  We were so busy in Fort Lauderdale we did not even have time to work out, or the energy.  Now that we are here and its quiet, I am enjoying a slow start and I’m enjoying the self care.  Morning stretches on the bow of the boat, we did a full workout that Mike wrote for Andy (Thank you Mike Wunch!) and walking the island.  I am sore!  It feels awesome.  Some people might think we are weird hippee freaks from California watching us do yoga on the bow.   I don’t care!  Our boat still says Channel Islands Ca, and that gets a lot of attention.  It’s awesome, the setting is God gift!

The purpose of writing this down and sharing this with everyone is for me to release my anxiety and trust that we will be fine.  Doing this trip is not for sissies.  There are a lot of unknowns and although I feel we are totally prepared, I am afraid something will go wrong.  I am sure something will go wrong.  I am a type A control freak.  So being here has taken me way outside my comfort zone.  Although I am 100% on board, I am still anxious. So I am leaving it here, right now as I type my feelings, and trusting. It took great lengths and courage to get here. So today I am going to learn to flow, slow down, get out of my head, breathe, be in the moment and be in gratitude. All these things I know, now need to practice.

There is such Joy in watching Andy. He is finally living his dream and I am lucky to be on this journey with him.  I love seeing the smile on his face and the absolute awe that we have gotten this far. I hope we continue to find bliss as we move on. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to die down and we have 90 miles to the next island.  I trust we will ge there safely and it will be everything we have read and researched. Right now he is on his first dive of the trip. Aquaman really needed to get wet and I am happy for some solitude. I had the morning to again get real with myself as I went thru sun salutations on the bow of the boat, wind blowing and challenging myself to keep the flow going. I feel energized and ready for the next Island.

2 thoughts on “Self Care🧘🏻‍♀️

  1. Of course something is going to go wrong. That is where you find the most out about yourself. Enjoy the good times and the challenging times. It is going to be a wonderful journey.


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